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Today we are making a healthier, vegan version of a snickers icecream bar! With a homemade 2 minute caramel sauce, silky chocolate coating and ice-cream “secret ingredient”! Recipe below.

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2 bananas
1 tsp softened coconut oil
1 tbsp nut butter or tahini
1 tbsp liquid sweetener (brown rice syrup works best but you can also sub maple syrup, agave, etc)
2 tbsp chopped nuts
1 cup (or more) dairy-free chocolate chips


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Tyler Palazzo says:

He looks like my friend Josh.
I don’t think you and I can be friends anymore.

Lol jk, these look really good though.

Aden Lamb says:

i think you might actually be the whitest white-girl

kim says:

frozen bananas are life! even on its own 😍

yetson madriz says:

I love you. You open my mind to new ideas for a healthy and delicious cuisine, you are very nice, thanks for your videos!!! 🙌😊

peachyoongi says:

I made it yesterday and it's SO good. I didn't have coconut oil at home and it still turned out delicious!

Dora says:

Is your name Olivia or Liv? Your food always looks fenomenal💕💕

Liliana Kalusch says:

The bars are in the freezer and they've looked delicious already😍

Jim Cyr says:

that doesn't look so hard to make.

zheceyp p says:

So yum and healthy love vegan snickers

Emilie Yveline says:

Tried several versions and my favorites are Liv's. I used salty almonds and next batch I might add a sprinkle of coarse sea salt. Adopted a vegan diet a month ago and found many of your recipes and tips really useful and tasty. Thanks Liv!!

Naomi Luna says:

can you use pre frozen bananas? I have a lot of them in my freezer that are already cut in half. Would that work or do I need to use fresh bananas?


This is soo good! <3

Beth875 says:

Trying this today 🙂 can't Wait! Thank you for the recipe 🙂

Angelica Brioschi says:

Thanks for this idea! Whole frozen bananas does really taste like ice cream! For the caramel layer I used the easy "1 cup dates 2 tbsp maple syrup" paste, as I refuse to use coconut oil, lol

Autumn Sky says:

Genius! I've just made these after drooling over them for days and they are incredible!! Easy and delicious! x

me and i says:

usually when I watch recipe videos i never really make it, but your videos are so good and ive already made a few recipes and they all turned out GREAT! this specific one is SO good and is going to be my favorite dessert😍🍌🍫 good luck on your channel

PrincessOfAnime777 says:

Your skin is so flawless! And, your eyes are so beautiful.

Mimi Harte says:

I've made this one nobody at home liked them.

Xiomy's Book Tales says:

Is there anything else you can use that isn't coconut oil? I personally don't like it!

Plantifully Based says:

these look so delicious Liv! Can't wait to try these!!!

Kayla Toro says:

Is ur boyfriend vegan too?

Sweetkundy says:

Do like a Vegan Twix icecream bars!

Kay O'Dell says:

I enjoyed this video! Can you try making a version of this using coconut? Maybe instead of a bar like a Blizzard texture just without banana. Thanks!

April Lila says:

Wow they look delicious!!

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