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Learn how to make vegan & vegetarian ramen broth from scratch the same way it has been made in Japan traditionally! This vegan recipe is so close to the real thing that you will never go back to missing ramen soup again! Using Miso and kombu to achieve the authentic flavour, and lots of seitan and vegan egg as toppings, this dish will not disappoint!

1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 large yellow onion, diced large
3 cloves garlic, smashed
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tsp chili bean paste
3 tbsp tamari
½ cup mashrooms
2 vegan beef boullion cubes
2 tbsp vegan worcester
2 large carrots, cut into 1 inch chunks
1 inch piece of ginger, sliced
½ tsp white pepper
12 cups cold water
1 tbsp agave or sugar
2 sheets kombu, cut into 3 inch strips
2 tablespoons mirin (optional)
3 tablespoons mellow white miso
2 teaspoons salt

Lime wedge
Scallions, chopped
Grated fresh garlic
Bamboo shoot/sprouts
Vegan egg

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Awesome shooting by: Shannon Litt
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Ruhma Khan says:

don't cook things with sesame oil!

kopytek36 says:

This girl has had one hell of a rough life. I can feel it. I bet she has some truly horrific stories to share and we'd be amazed she came out of it as good as she did. Good on her for surviving all the turmoil.

Zunuuu Mo says:

how to make miso?

Chatoic Chaos says:

I Thoth she was edgy. Smh

Dominique says:

Is it a 100 % vegan recipe?

Chris Ann says:

OMG I am totally making this!! Thanks for the recipe! (sorry my comment was 2 years later haha)

Meri Mandic says:

1 hour and 20 min of boiling …isn't that too much for the veggies….all vitamins have pretty much "died" after that procedure?

Olaf Dubrawski says:

That's one tasty recipe. I've been looking for a good vegan broth, as I like to tone down on meat consumption from time to time. Two tips for you tho. One – never, ever boil miso paste. You destroy all it's healthy properties, and the taste gets kind of mushroom-like (not in a good way). Add the paste as you serve he dish. Also – do not boil kombu kelp. While it boils it releases a lot of coagulants into the broth, and you end up with gelatinous mess in the pot. The best way is to prepare the water for broth the day before – soak the kombu leaf in cold water, and leave it overnight. When adding to the broth – keep the kombu in, and let it reach simmer, then fish the kombu out before any serious boil occur. Trust me – the taste is incredible that way 🙂

Ariel Coffin says:

Darling, you didn't even mention anything about the ramen noodles. Where did they come from? Were they fresh, packaged…? Dude. Questions. Pertinent questions.

Aditya om says:

Wao ma'am. you are soo beautiful.

sj408 says:

Viva Nicaragua!! Great Video

Gold Rougue says:

Will i get it in india??

rohan grover says:

Just a side note, miso is considered a paste with live organisms that help make that flavour. You introduce miso into the broth later on as if you were to add it during the heavy boiling process you just end up boiling out the flavour of miso. What is recommended is if you slowly introduce the miso into the hot water.

Shiva Merla says:

"Instant" …. how misleading😂😂

Balmung says:

I wondered if there is a way to store the broth, like freezing it or filling it in a bottle, so I can mass-produce it and don't have to cook that long every day.

SMGinTheHouse says:

worcheshire sauce has anchovies in it, does that make this dish technically not vegan?

Delightful says:

Yummy yummy yummy!!!

barlovesnoop says:

Awesome! But can you please refer us to the recipe for the bacon seitan and egg?

musiciangal02453 says:

What brand of ramen noodles do you use?

Karen Salazar says:

Where do you buy your Vegan store products like the chicken flavor bouillon, worcerster sauce? I'm trying to look online but I can't find a reliable website.

Depopa says:

the voice cracks op

Kel Lorang says:

Look delish! I've been looking for a homemade Ramen spice mix instead of using the little packets that are full of monosodium glutamate and other bad things for you! Thank you for the recipe!

charlie o says:

can i freeze the broth in mason jars? also i can't find vegan worcestershire sauce where i live, can i just sub for the same amount of tamari? loved this recipe, can't wait to try it!

queensequoyah says:

yum I love ramen but hate that there's so many animals sneaking in there…

taylor valtierra says:

at the beginning of the vid I was thinking I have a pennn I have pineapple lol

Turner Daniel says:

Genious recipe! 👏🏻 I made mine with shiitake mushrooms and glass noodles. Also added some green peas and it turned out gorgeous!!! ✨🍵

beautifulL52 says:

This is a REALLY GOOD recipe. My non-vegan boyfriend devoured this BUT I must admit the amount of sodium was killer. MY head ached for days so if anyone doesn't eat a lot of salt, please get low sodium version of the miso if you can

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