Vegan Ramen Magic w/Sharla in Japan – Eric Meal Time #113

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Truth be told, I’m about 90% vegan & I don’t like Frankenstein foods. A much better video reviewing this ramen restaurant located inside Tokyo station will be posted on Sharla’s channel soon. Check Sharla out:
Also check out the amazing Magic of Riken here:
Info on the restaurant:
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Luigi Carotti says:

……get some!!!!!!

Fernando Chavez says:

You should have dumped some mayonnaise in it.

Fukuokasimin Channel says:

Correspondence to vegan and Muslim is very difficult in Japanese restaurant.

Fukuokasimin Channel says:

Vegans are hypocrites unless there are physical restrictions.

Owen4125678 says:

Eric acts like a typical stoner his personality is up and down


He's disgusting u are a mean and rude human like no one I've seen before I dont like is my thumbs down on all his vids he eats all fast foods McDonalds,burger king,and so forth

donjz777 says:

I think if a westerner go to Japan, u r required to do a foodtube video, it's the law. Just kidding, for those who really think it is. If you a Westerner trying to get in on Japan, u got a long competition. I do see why Westerner do the East. Think about it, it is not quite West but it is influenced by the west, it is as comfortable as the west n there's many different things to check out.

im the enforcer says:

He's the white bill cosby

agauerm says:

Looks like a place I would eat at least 3x per week, nice.

Anita J in FLA says:

You know Sharla! Nice!
Following her for 3 yrs now…and recently found your channel and subbed…. Love both your channels.

Wishing you the best from Florida…take care! 😎🙋

Shivam mane says:

Eric looks pretty pissed of after tasting the ramen

OnePurplePrincess says:

That was interesting and entertaining. Sorry your food was too yuck to eat though. That stinks.
PS I never wish to see you eat anything that is unappetizing or offensive to you. I don't care to see people suffer in any way or on any level. So please don't ever do that on my account. 💜

Kulinary Kreations says:

Idk how I missed this video, but I'm super glad I found it! Eric I swear you should be in Comedies! Movies, on TV! You're hilarious! I mean as soon as you tasted the broth and gave that face of disgust I was lmao from there! Great magic tricks from Rikken and you ofc! I'd love for you to show us all how he did that in an Eric Challenge Time, if you're allowed lol. It was really a cool trick! I loved how the wire shaped the 8 and heart. Tysvm for bringing laughter into my days as I watch your videos and for the time and money it takes to do them all. I really do appreciate it! I watch EMT every night! Tc my friend, Kelly :))

Dr green thumb says:

I respect his opinion just think it’s a waste of food lol

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