VEGAN quesadillas #CookingWithSoul

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On this episode of “Cooking With SOUL” we make a yummy and quick vegan quesadilla, perfect for #meatlessmonday or an easy lunch idea! Click our blog link for full recipe:

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We are Vanessa + Melissa, the co-hosts of the only Canadian parenting TV talk show. We are keeping it real here on You Tube with weekly vlogs such as, #TalkBackTuesday where we share tips from our friends on Social Media on current parenting topics. #TheREELlivesofVanessaandMelissa (just following us around with a GoPro LOL) and also, #Mommy Talk, where we talk candidly and break down what’s going on in our daily lives. We also love to test products and have … FUN! Want to know more?

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