VEGAN PASTA FOR SUMMER | pasta three ways

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Stay cool this summer with these light and refreshing vegan pasta recipes that take just 15 minutes to make! If you make one of my recipes, be sure to tag me on Instagram 🙂

Get the printable PDF with all the recipes:
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Le Creuset Dutch Oven:
Le Creuset cast iron skillet:
Ceramic bowls:
Large Nonstick Skillet:
Crisp white wine (sustainable, vegan):


Food Processor:
Instant Pot 6 quart:
My Favorite Knife:
Large Cutting Board:
Vitamix container:
Immersion Blender:

All Other Kitchen Equipment:
Film & Photography Equipment:
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RainbowPlantLife says:

Taking video request topics! Drop them below 🙂

Donna Jaffke says:

You have a great personality! I loved watching your videos.

kathleen swenning says:

They all look so flavorful and delicious!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Yes I'm still binge watching, lol😂!!!!!! Thank you so so much what a gift you are to the animals, the earth and us people!!!!

shannon fleming says:

Okay so I tried the pasta and the tahini dressing was just….. weird!! It was my first time eating tahini in/on anything and I guess I’m just not use to the peanut buttery taste along with pasta… any tips on how to make a better dressing/sauce?? It was too overpowering

shannon fleming says:

I’m making the first one tonight but eating it warm, bc I don’t like cold pasta!! Can’t wait

Chiquita McCall says:

We're gonna get a little broad with our definition of pasta today🤣🤣🤣! I love this channel that I searched for today and now you will be my go to channel!

rakelg says:

these all look so nice! the tahini one is definitely up my ally though wow. also i love the way you edit your videos and inject little moments of your personality and humour! keep it up x

Vegan Gluten Free says:

Looks great. I will make the tahini one.

Tonya Carey says:

I Love your Recipes!!!

TV says:

You should of roasted the veggies…ramsey gonna be pissed at yer technique

Ryan W says:

Pro tip: put a damp paper towel under your cutting board to keep it from moving!

Our Summers Home says:

"Can't let this go to waste" mmm peanut butter! Love your channel so much

Brenda Zabriskie says:

ALL plants have protein…….

Theresa G says:

Oh almost forgot, my request is two-fold, my husband is not vegan but eats vegan with me (gets a break when hes at work, LOL), anyway he does not like tofu and I do any thoughts on making the texture better? Now for me he loves mushrooms, I don't like mushrooms (along with green peppers, only the green ones…yuk) Any thoughts on making mushrooms less disgusting. :))) Thanks!

Theresa G says:

Ole' Love the Corn ChaCha :)))) Thanks for another great and entertaining video!!! So hot breaking out the instant pot along with your Wonderful Instant Pot Cookbook!!! Absolutely Loving your videos and your cookbook!!!

Bailey North says:

I lost it at the sriracha sauce “farting out”. I was laughing so hard that I had to back it up so I wouldn’t miss anything! These look absolutely wonderful. I can’t to try them. Thank you so much! Going to check out your cookbook now…

1024specialkay says:

i always get so excited to your videos in my subscription box! These look delicious! What's your favorite tahini brand?

abhishek porwal says:

Mast hai recipes saari..great job

Vegan Katie Faye says:

I LOVE your channel, so inspiring. Would you mind sharing with me what microphone you are using? Audio is great ❤️

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