Vegan Nutella Cupcakes : Vegan Desserts

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There are few treats better than vegan Nutella cupcakes. Find out how to make vegan Nutella cupcakes right at home with help from a food and fashion writer in this free video clip.

Expert: Tara Redfield
Filmmaker: Stephen Burr

Series Description: You can make a wide variety of delicious vegan desserts right in the comfort of your own kitchen, even if you’re not an expert chef. Get tips on how to make the best vegan desserts with help from a food and fashion writer in this free video series.


Stephen Garrison says:

this girls voice & expressions are awful, i dont want to eat after watching this- i kinda threw-up in my mouth a little!!

Crystal Monique says:

the girl on the left makes the most distracting faces

Leonore Hanssen says:

can't believe how awkward the host is….

SeeHearStudios says:

It was fun for me to film this segment – and we got to eat the dessert! Anybody else try the recipe…?

Azz Fie says:

whats that bitch doing there on the left? apart from making white noise and getting whiplash?

Emily Jules says:

That chick to the left is sooo annoying😒

Lillian says:

Totally trying this !

QuietMuscle Tranquilo says:

nutella isnt vegan

ohhitherejoanna says:

try making your own hazelnut coco mixture?

Zara Aijaz says:

Where can I get Justine's

RR SS says:

I wish u can show how to make the frosting..

vasillisuk says:

I love this video but I have a problem with one of the ingredients. The Justines I have neave heard of it as I live in the UK. Any ideas what I can buy instead of it ? x

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