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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by serving up a big batch vegan Nachos Verdes. Our veggie-packed recipe features a well-spiced mix of lima beans, corn, and onions plus homemade sour cream. Full recipe here:


LemonyKnit says:

I want my stomach to be a garden not a graveyard and this dish hits the mark perfectly. Looks beautiful and I can’t wait to try it. Thank you🙏🌱💚

dsc1970 says:

You could be the biggest meat-eater out there, but damn it, try to tell me that doesn't look good..

tmais de zwaar says:

looks dope…, giving it a go soon

Ed says:

Looks awesome!

karyn harding says:

Oh gosh, this looks amazing ❤️

ChainsGone2012 says:

Looks simple enough. Definitely gonna try out

Yannick Mortier says:

Yum looks delicious. 😀

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