VEGAN Nacho Supreme Plant Based

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The best vegan nacho supreme plant based recipe and they will be a hit with all of your family and friends. Here’s what I eat in a day while being Vegan on ‘That Vegan Show’!

Making the transition to become vegan doesn’t have to be hard when you have simple and delicious recipes like this. This is my own recipe on how to make the best vegan nachos. I hope you enjoy!

Nacho Recipe:

2 TBSP of Grapeseed Oil
1 Cup of Onions Diced
1 Cup of Bell Peppers (Yellow or Orange)
1 Jalapeno Halved & Diced
1 TBSP of Sea Salt
1 Bag of Beyond Meat
1 TSP of Chipotle Seasoning
Bag of Sweet Potatoe Chips

Garnish With:

1 Cup of Roma Tomatoes
1/2 Cup of Fresh Arugula
Sprinkle With Daiya Cheese – Vegan
Fresh Chopped Green Onions
Drizzle with Red & Green Salsa
Add Fried Crispy Jalapeno (Optional)
Guacamole – (Optional)
Fresh Cilantro Springs


Will Edmond says:

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Jan Smith says:

Does vegan cheese melt?

BadMarvin213 says:

Hey There! I’m a new vegan & new to your chanel. Thank you for this quick & easy recipe! 😋 it’s kinda hard to watch your hands while you cook though 😍

Deeva Q Speaks says:

Where's the vegan cheese sauce to be nachos?

Jennifer Glazier says:

What kind of salsa did you use?!? That green goodness looks like the icing on that delicious vegan nacho cake.

Eloise Blanche Gauran says:

Do more cooking videos please 😊

Missy D. says:

I’m not even vegan but those look yummy

Jocelyn Martinez says:

Subbed ! love your energy ! Need more Vegan recipes please !

Arathy says:

Damn this doesnt have enough views

Kween Jazzy says:

Looked absolutely delicious I'm gonna try to make these today🤗

petal2009ify says:

"My eyes are burning …really bad" lol much vegan love from the Caribbean

Ceaz I N F I N I T Y says:

gc good cooking lol

herFLYness79 says:

They look great


Will Edmonds what is the best beans to use for a vegetarian nacho meal and when I start to saute my meat plus veggies on the stove what is the best nutrition oil to use in this recipe meal process here?
"I have came up with more ideas
personally and looking through your cooking channel to receive overall better preparation techniques plus other additional foods to different spices used"!
Love…your high humorous energy
and thanks again for your overwhelming professionalism to deliver while bringing hope that we can learn how to achieve a true delicious tasty meal successfully!

Asami xd says:


Mexicola says:

Probably the only nacho recipe that does'nt have that yuck yellow sauce, love this recipe, my family love it. Very nice lovely and full of veg. Well done

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