Vegan Nacho Cheese | How To

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When you’re craving some vegan nacho cheese or just need some vegan nacho cheese for a recipe this is the perfect recipe for that. This vegan nacho cheese is simple and super delicious!

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Full Recipe:

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Linda Solero says:

You realize that the missing flakes of non stick was in your food right? Thanks for the recipes.

Healthy Mom says:

I’m Gona try this. My kids have a nacho party at school and I don’t want them to feel left out

Rasham Sandhu says:

How come everytime I make it, its always runny 😭😭😭

Layah Jhene says:

Where the hell was this video before I did the potato and carrot mess 😂😩

Deborah Douglas says:

Gonna make this ASAP

Queen G. says:

Thanks…I used the base concept and enjoyed my final product! Saw this video last night(ok 3am lol) I couldn't find vegan pepper jack cheese in the Walmart I went to and since I only wanted to make one stop today that is where I went. So, I got Mexican blend Go Veggie cheese and a small jalapeno. I added the same spice BUT I kicked it up a notch with (frozen onions and peppers, minced garlic and diced tomatoes). Put in over roasted broccoli and cauliflower…so delicious!! Yaay!! I'm not vegan just vegetarian but the best nacho cheese I ever made at home has been with velvetta and rotel and I wanted to mimic that without fakeveeta lol and it's always good to with less saturated fat 🙂

RedPill Tony says:

You shouldn't scrap non stick pans with a fork. Use a wooden spoon

Diane C says:

New to your channel and just watched this video. I like the way you doctored up the cheese to make it yummy. I know this is from last year, and I hope you got a new pot for Christmas 2017. If not you really need one this Christmas. Also, some rubber or silicone utensils. I was cringing watching you stir that beautiful cheese with that fork in that terribly hacked up pot! Non stick coating is not Vegan just sayin..and you probly got some of it in your cheese. 🤭.

Nasseh93 says:

Finally! An easy recipe!

Via Via says:

This recipe is so good that I had to double check to make sure it’s vegan 😳😋😋😋

Jerry Brennan says:

“This is THAT cheese” DAMN

Rosie Hackett says:

You shouldn't be using that pot. Throw it out. Why are you eating the coating? It's toxic.

Mr. President says:

I have yet to find a vegan cheese that I actually like …

Elissa Davis says:

Nacho cheezey 🤗

S Robinson says:

I am thinking about adding a meat crumble to it. To see if the non vegan people in my family notice. They seem to still think you need meat in everything. They alway do a nacho sauce with meat.

TheWayEyeSeeThings says:

I only have the daiya cheddar cheese on hand hope it turns out ok!!

moodymocha says:

Omg I wish would've found this before I used the carrots and potatoes recipe 😭

J.I.A. says:

You should put the ingredients in the descriptions, that's probably a good idea.

Taliba Khidr says:

Wouldn't almond milk change the flavor

Kimberly Bellamy says:

Omg that looks amazing…gonna try it.

Staci LeeAnn says:

YAAAAAASSSSSSS im trying this asap!!

Boom tendo says:

looks yummy. I've made cheesy sauce with a few different things. used potatoes and carrots with nutritional yeast before

Vanessa Tamayo says:

THANK YOU for this video! Just tried making vegan mac and cheese, & it didn't come out the greatist with the boiled potatos and carrots, it always gets too watery and leaves a grainy texture 🙄 have to try this!

Angelique R. says:

how long does it hold up? could you make it and take it to like a ballgame or something like sneak it into the movie theater

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