VEGAN NACHO "CHEESE"? Does it WORK?! – #TastyTuesday

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Hot For Food’s recipe:






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Samantha Darroch says:

just rewatched this and thought "why is she in her old kitchen? oh yeah. this is an old video."

Adelaide says:

3:26 forever. Forever ever?

DevilboyScooby says:

2:50 if you weren't keeping it vegan, surely you'd just save the effort and use normal cheese?

Octavia Fuller says:

Oh my god, I know this is an old video but THANK YOOU!! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A RECIPE LIKE THIS!! in regards to marrying Steve you totally should… 😁

Colorfulcountenance says:

So what was the main difference between the first pickling liquid and the second one? I wanna make this sometime this week 😊

Rebecca Huber says:

I made this nacho cheese recipe yesterday and it was NASTY!! The consistency and colour were bang on. But I think the lemon juice, plus the 6 jalapeño slices and the pickled jalapeño juice made it waaaay too tangy. It was so, so weird. I will remake it again, and use like 1 jalapeño slice, and probably no liquid from the jalapeños. And maybe the lemon juice.

DankTech says:

ADD much? what a spaz

Jesse Garza says:

Soooooooooooo annoying

DevanFTM says:

When you said "I'm not Catholic anymore" all I could hear is my mom's voice every year saying "I don't care if you don't go to church once a Catholic always a Catholic" 😂😂😂😂

Dayana Garcia says:

Don’t like your humor 😒😒😒

Rebecca Curtis says:

You crack me up omg hahaha . and this cheese is the best. I've been vegan for 2 years and nacho cheese was the only thing I missed horribly. Thank the vegan gods for hot for food. Game changers.

kait h says:

What brand of pickled jalapenos did you use??

Mahmoud Eledrissi says:

redo it is the best things in the video i felt more better wow.

sara kroczyk says:

I just tried making nacho cheese with a diffrent recipe today and I'm angry I didn't find this first. I love that junk food nacho cheese and the one I made today with cashews doesn't really taste like it.

Emily H says:

How did I just now find your channel wtf I'm obsessed

Elizabeth Shaw says:

Most people would put more nutritional yeast in up to a quarter of a cup.

Elizabeth Shaw says:

I have a terrific recipe for lox and you would swear it was salmon. I make it out of carrots it even looks like salmon and comes apart when you pull at it from the side like flesh. And don't mean you pull it all the way apart into a strip just when you move it open it looks just like fish flesh. Can he please buy me a Vitamix for Christmas! 🙂

Kiddos Kitchening says:

Looks really good! I will have to try that recipe!

A Simple Wanderer says:

I tried the recipe and it tasted nothing like cheese. I am deeply saddened

Tyni Razon says:

I'm new to your channel, you… Filipino? 🙂

Allen Silva says:

why do vegans market their food as good as the real thing they rarely are if they're delicious they will stand on their own. I tried the black bean brownies they were good almost as good as the ones made with zucchini

Apollo 440 says:

hey you. I wanted to cook soaked chickpeas to make aquafaba, but boiled the all the bean water down. So I took the beans and made a salad dressing out of them in a blender – just with some curry powder, a little bit of oil and veggie stock or water. And it was surprisingly de lish. What I'm saying is – blending down veggies and stuff makes the coolest sauces!

Le Anh Truong says:

What's the proper jalapeño pickling liquid? I'm really curious since I would have just used a jar of pickled jalapeños looking pretty much the same like yours. Thanks 🙂

Cait Hill says:

"just getting lit on jesus blood over here"- totally nearly pooed myself..not really. amazing though

MRS.PREWITT Five says:

Love your videos. You are hilarious.

Chrisealiams says:

nacho cheese made with cashews and red bell pepper tastes much better

YamiAlex224 says:

I got the wrong nutritional yeast. Mine said savory makes stuff taste like chicken but this was the only one I saw

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