Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff Pasta Healthy Dinner Recipe

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Vegan pasta recipes are a family favorite. Vegan vegetarian mushroom stroganoff can be made with any type of pasta you want. This meatless dish recipe is great even if your not vegan.
Mandoline Slicer
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Animation Productions says:

Umm how is it vegan if u put beef like powder in

Klara Kautz says:

This is not stroganoff. It looks like a mushroom soup.

Veronica Salas says:

New sub. Looks delicious πŸ˜‹

C E says:

Heart EYESS!!!!!

Polar Bear says:

If I can't find that tofu-sour cream, is there an alternative?

Charlotte Rowe says:

try adding a teaspoon of tomato paste before the mushrooms and about 2 tablespoons white wine just before the sour cream! Makes it perfect.

Amber Richards says:

I live in Montana too. It's so beautiful!! Nice recipe! Looks yummy~

Elizabeth Shaw says:

You cannot saute especially onions in water or stock it needs to be fat because none of the flavor compounds appear in water that do appear in fat. I used two teaspoons of oil which is a fine amount and I release all of the flavor compounds that onions and garlic have to offer.

Hollywood Art Chick says:

Mmmm – I am recently transitioning from veg to vegan, and my most popular recipe before was mushroom stroganoff, but now I need to get past the need for dairy products, so this is gonna be great for me and my guests. Thanks so much. I am crazy for portobellos.

Phoenix Hymz says:

wish you had the ingredients written up

Joanne Davenport says:

Where did you get the beef like seasonings?

sharon anderson says:

watching you was very nurturing. i felt as tho i were being cared for. made me feel special.

princessZ44 says:

Thanks CAN'T wait to prepare. Thanks again

Naturegirl121 says:

Where did you buy both the beef-like and chicken-like please? Thank you

corsican lulu says:

looks awesome….i would add some chopped tomatoes and parsley to mine..thaanx

houndjog says:

Went to the website for the vegetarian Express beef like seasoning. It has MSG in it – but using one of the "code names" to fool you. The killer of this product was the word "malt". I saw their other products which are also questionable. Like the White sauce which uses the code name "SPICES" …. we all know if it's cumin, it says cumin. Or paprika, it says paprika. Spices is allowed to add a small amount of MSG – just under the percentage where they have to write the actual word MSG. Nothing healthy about that. Try to reproduce those ingredients and make your own seasoning …. which wouldn't taste the same.
MSG sells the product – not health!

swamp view says:

I can't find vegan sour cream in local stores

Harrrgh says:

This looks great and I will be making this soon. Thanks for sharing.

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