Vegan McGriddle | Dairy Free Breakfast Sandwich | Ft. Gardein Sausage & JUST Egg

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BEST Vegan Pancake:


The Earline Show says:

Girl!!!! I needed u in my life lol I’m doing this in the morning

Kay Uchiha says:

I’m obsessed with McGriddles BUT I’ve been eating vegetarian for a few weeks now, and I feel so good. I rather eat healthier vegan swaps to still enjoy these foods without the guilt🤪 Def trying this !!

Fat Angry Vegan says:

HEY!!!! Who was dat dude? WATCH IT BUDDY!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Fat Angry Vegan says:

That looks amazing. You could have cut that thickest pancake in half and been perfect.

De'Nitra Terrell says:

What vegan cheese would you use? And the little blooper at the end. cuteness overload 🙂

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