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Our Vegan Mac and Cheese video is Gluten Free and easy to make. We use our whole food plant based vegan cheese recipe and gluten free noodles to make a delicious, filling meal that’s good food for everyone. Watch our Vegan Mac and Cheese video and see how we throw this all together.

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Cheese: In a high powered blender put in:
2 cups raw cashew soaked and drained.
2.5 cups of filtered water
3/4 tsp paprika
1 heaping tsp garlic powder
1 heaping tsp onion powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
1 7oz jar of pimentos
2 tbs lemon juice
Blend until smooth
Dump mixture into stock pot
set to med heat
add 1 cup filtered water
stir constantly till thickened,about 20 mins

Cook gluten-free pasta to manufactures specs
Drain and put in a bowl
add cheese on top to cover pasta

Put mixture in casserole dish
top with Panko break crumbs
sprinkle on some nutritional yeast
bake for 7-11 mins
broil for 1-5 minutes till browned
don’t let it burn.


Who are we:
Joey is a vegetarian of 12 years that has made the conversion to Vegan in June of 2018
Tim is an omnivore that has made the conversion to Vegan in June 2018

We are on a journey of health for ourselves and our family, and we hope to use this channel to keep ourselves accountable, teach others how to cook and prepare great plant based meals and come up with some great kids meals for our son too. Come and join us.

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Plant Based Dads says:

Hi Dad Squad! Thanks for watching us make this delicious Vegan Mac and Cheese meal. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite meal to make at home is. Do you have a good Mac and cheese recipe ?

Grace Hollow says:

I make a potato and butternut "cheese" but I look forward to the day I can try the cashew "cheese".

Joshua Belaski says:

You are awesome thanks for sharing!!! it’s so hard to make vegan kid friendly dishes we transition to vegan about 5 months ago now but your channel is so helpful thank you….

Kusina ni Lola says:

Wow Yummylicious Vegan Mac and Cheese mouth watering, thanks for sharing thumbs up

Ayshh ASMR says:

Vegan mac and cheese is just so perfect!

Home vlogs with Erum says:

Wow. It is looking yummy and tasty 😋. Its ingredients are healthy. Stay blessed. Your demonstration and narration is unique and appreciated ❤️. Thanks for sharing your excellent work ❤️❤️❤️

Isabella's Quick Recipes says:

Wow super yummy my friends!!

Salma's Ideas says:

You guys are doing great, I don't know it but look really gud let's stay connected am waiting for you

Ashley Nicole Rice says:

haha! I'm from MN and it's so true. Everyone calls it a hotdish, lol! I love vegan mac! Yum!!

vegan and proud says:

I like your version of mac and cheese looks really good 😋 great video 👍

Yogi Vegan says:

Wow, I’m drooling after watching this!! It looks delicious, I need some 🤤🤤

Jessica Lychees says:

I should try making my Mac and cheese in the oven too because it looks sooo yummy! 🤤

Kombucha Princess says:

Great recipe. I am lazy and just have pasta, nooch and soy milk. ❤🌱

Aleihana Vegan says:

another kind of food that i have never eat , we dont eat so much mac and chesse in france, like never i think XDD

Ashley Alexander - Living Free Ashley says:

Yup yup yup, love everything about this! That cashew cheese sauce looks so freakin' amazing, and so versatile too. Looks like I'll be making a huge container of that and just eating it for days on end haha! Can't wait to make this recipe 🙂

Natural Kesha says:

Great recipe video. Looks yummy!

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