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Hey babes! I’m so glad you guys loved my last vegan lunch ideas video! One of my subscribers asked if I could do some vegan lunch ideas for school so that’s what this video is all about! I show you how to make 3 easy and quick vegan lunches that are not only perfect for school but also for work or on the go. The first is how to make your own homemade hummus in a vegan lunch box, a vegan burrito bowl featuring some raw nut taco meat and homemade salsa and some soba noodles with a peanut miso tahini dressing. So yum! I hope you guys enjoy and let me know if you have any other requests! x

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RichardJinny says:

These lunches look good. And another reason why I watch this is cuz you look so smoking hot.

Mayuri Pal says:


Marjilah Qanawiz says:

Thank u so much

Pascale Devalet says:

Your recipe are one of the best

Multi Potter says:

What blender is that?

Laura says:

Awesome video! I'm definitely trying out the noodles with miso/tahini dressing.

Also to everyone telling her to smile, fuck off.

On White Surface says:

Love it!!! I also have a video with some lunch box ideas, if you wanna check it out! xx

Rosy Thivierge says:

Are your chickpeas cooked or only soaked in water ?

diana banana says:

"its so delicious"
face void of any emotion


Curvy_Emerald says:

please what can you use in place of the miso paste.. because here in africa miso is rarely available

Whiskey Sour says:

"Nut meat"…haha.

Allena Arnold says:

what blender do you have! looks great

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