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Fun last day in LA. Sunshine, calisthenics, smoothie bowls, bike rides and vegan tacos! Doesn’t get much better.

Where do you guys like to travel? Let me know in the comments. I love learning about all of you!

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Chris Romero says:

Love the casey niestat in there!

PinkNightmares91 says:

your muscle ups are always aesthetically pleasing! lol

Cindy Gagnier says:

I buy that granola in Michigan at Whole Foods. Love it!

William Griffin says:

Love your videos

Jorge Porras says:

You should come to San Diego for your next vacay…

Marilyn Ramos says:

The “chili” powder is called Tajín which is vegan too lol 😃

11219tt says:

I felt like giving up today, but after watching this video (at least for this moment) I don’t. I’m going to keep pushing through the hard times and into the unknown and go further than I ever have before.
Thanks again guys!

Mark Tadford says:

Thanx for the awesome feel good videos. Whats the music at 8:23

Andrew Gancia says:

I love this episode so much brother! Positive vibes and wishing you the best! One love!

Maro Krkaland says:

Anyone else caught a happy dance 9:49

Photographer Hunter says:

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Please let us know if you wish this video to get recommended. Would love to help!
Here's 3 videos to recommend today:

venicedynamics says:

Thank you brotha!

Vic Life says:

Derek & Crystal – love your energy and positive vibes. I hope to see you in my green and lovely city – Brisbane (Australia). You should definitely do one big Australian trip. Lovely beaches here & pristine nature. Much love

Dine Loshaj says:

You should definitely come to new york man would love to meet you. Love your channel and content!!

Rogelio Fernandez says:

Go to Puerto Rico! So much stuff to do and amazing views everywhere

Jacob Ybarra says:

From LA and have been wanting to visit Canada for a while now! Who knows maybe I'll run into you and Crystal up there one day 😛 Anyway love the positivity! Keep it up (:

Fabi_ streetworkout says:

What is that motivation speecher at 8:05 that are good sentences 🗺

Fanny Rodriguez says:

You guys need to come to Seattle in the summer! It’s absolutely unreal and of course there’s a bunch of vegan restaurants here to check. Also, it’s closer to you! Hahah

Jacob says:

What are your takes on raw ? I know you cook low heat alot but curious your takes on it

Desire Ayer says:

Wow. Mad props Crystal. 🙂 You such a female inspiration!

Britt Benz says:

I highly recommend coming over to Australia. Love watching your videos. Thanks to both of you for all your hard work 🙂

aL joscha says:

Great Video! Nice to see both of you doing what makes you happy!!! That Beach is just so beautyful & awesome . Keep going Crystal, you are doing good! btw this cap fits good to you! pretty cool gift you bought! i wonder why you wearing hoodies&caps, isnt it totally warm/hot?! was it because it was so windy or because of the style factor 🙂 the Tacos looked pretty delicious!

R S says:

Do FAT Burners help lose FAT?

Be Real. Be Alive. says:

Hell yeah Crystal! Killllllllin it on the rings!!!

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