Vegan In For A Shock At Aldi | Food Haul

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Gem and I recently did our grocery shopping at Aldi and were pleasantly surprised by the quality, range and price of some of their vegan products!

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PANCHO15108 says:

Looks nothing like my local Aldi located in the US.

Antonio Alves says:

My girlfriend and I always shop in Aldi here in New York and it’s growing so much of variation of Veganism 🙏🙏😀😀👏🏻👏🏻🤙🤙😃😃👍😎

Coe Hart says:

The Aldi in my town in Ohio just started increasing their vegan options. They even have Beyond Burgers now! (I dont tend to like processed stuff like that, but as a special occasion kind of thing they are nice.) I hope they keep on that trend.

Faith Chi says:

I enjoyed this, thanks you two! 🙂 Might you be doing a Lidl version of this kind of shopping in the future? (I don't have an Aldi near me). xo

RTSA says:

Aldi is perfect. I live a minute away and it has nearly everything at a better price than anywhere else.

Olivia Gill says:

Love watching your videos. Just noticed Gemma has a vegan tattoo in the same place as me too ahah

Sarah Moon says:

I buy many vegan bio products at Aldi.

SquatsnDeads812 says:

Get nearly all of my food in Aldi so if anyone moans that Vegan food is expensive this is a perfect counter argument around 30-35 quid a week I am looking at

Jack Banana Dev says:

carb up brotha!

Deborah Anne says:

Aldi linseed/flaxseed is a big saving, it's too expensive at the other big supermarkets.

G. Dave3 says:

You have to be careful with Tomatoes, some are Generally Manipulated( GM), but ( in UK)only in Purea form. I was just thinking that the Tom Sauce in the Can might be made with Purea, if so for safety sake its best to avoid tinned toms unless they are organic or course. Oh yeh I read the other day that apparently the acidity in Tomatoes reacts with the can, I know this is the case with Iron Saucepans that I use. If I leave some tinned Tomatoes in one the edges start reacting with the Iron and turns a nasty dark brown colour.

Northeast Gluten-free Gal. says:

Aldi's… A mix of both junk food and whole food… Lots of Gluten-Free goods, Deemer's Discount Grocery…. Pretty much forced to get more whole food items there so I go when I feel like I've indulged too much, Wal-Mart in a pinch, but it's mostly flavored water, quick junk, and fruit, Wegmans when I want tempeh or I'm planning/wanting something special for myself and/or others. Schiel's if I really, really need to get into whole foods territory 110% or let's be honest, someplace I can get tofu and not many junk food vegan goodies.

nikman94 nicholson says:

Brother i love ur personality you are a good man but i feel like you know deep inside that you are trapped in this. I hope you ll find the courage to admit it to yourself. I know its fuck hard to do cause maybe u re not sure and secondly i bet u are a stubborn man.( in a good way i mean that) what is it the money from you tube or maybe all the people u dont want to let down? Im all with you brother its just that u know how powerfull some butter is. Cmon mate u know this dont live your life for others bro. Smart people dont do that. We may only have one life to live

Shane o sullivan says:

Now the only problem is the amount of single use plastic

Retronos Again says:

It's so weird seeing my local supermarket on the Internet

Jay Trini says:

We're getting there, I live in Germany and in every supermarket they have so much vegan food. It's so easy being vegan. Btw… beautiful natural wife you got there 🌱

Cjfasching says:

We do Aldis here in the US as well. Love their prices and selection of foods we went WFPB a while back and Aldis has been a treat.

Marisa Stone O'Brien says:

Wow…Aldi's has such affordable food.

ZarZar Robinson says:

Much better buying dry beans and sprouting them cheaper and much more nutritional, chickpeas especially sprout with in 24 to 48 hours. Wicked haul though, I'm definitely going to give it a go at Aldi 👍🏼

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