Vegan Ice Cream | Ben & Jerry's Taste Test

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One of the only good things about being sick is that you can eat ice cream without feeling guilty about it! Here are some of the best vegan ice creams I’ve had compared to the new Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy options!

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smileyface702 says:

As an ice-cream lover, I highly enjoyed this. Love Ben&Jerry's ! Also very social justice-orientated corp

Vivi says:

Am I the only one who gets a really lesbian vibe from this? don't know why tho

Itsbyalexis says:

Love this video! Dairy free ice cream is the best! I made a video testing out my favorite dairy free ice creams too! Ben and Jerry's was sooooo good

hartbigs jauregui says:

Nothing will ever be this iconic. I hope they never delete these beautiful moments


i wanna eat yo ass cream 💀😂

collarmole says:


Hally x says:

SHAMMIE 😭😭😭😭😭💕💕💕

adoseofloneliness says:

Creamy as shit. Uuuuum that wasn't weird.

wm 117 says:

Suger makes all. Vegan good

Kenzie Kandy says:

SoDelicious got me through my wisdom teeth removal, and all of my recent sicknesses so here's to that!!!

Dom VandenToorn says:

Still wishing that they will get back together 😭😭😭😭

Jen Riggs says:

I miss these two

Lewis rhonda says:

Love the video Cam!

Carlycar26 says:

The Ben and Jerry's fudge brownie is my favorite!!!! I used to have the non vegan one and I like the non dairy one better cuz it's fudgey!!

Deirdre M says:

this makes me sad

Linnea Mooney says:

i'm happy they've moved on but i still miss them 🙁

ceres persepon says:

First time I heard it from Sanvers. Being curious since then.

Natálie Šimáčková says:

As the name of the song???

Trish Soriano says:

I wanna see more of the two of you

Trish Soriano says:

Feels like they never broke up

Purple Puppy says:

Im a new vegan and I prefer Ben and jerry's over so delicious actually

Hem Lock says:

I miss Happy-Shannon :/

lacook19 says:

This makes me sad 🙁 I left my computer for a little bit and then it kept autoplaying and this was on. 🙁

India Thomas says:

Where did you guys find the cappucino flavor? I cant find it anywhere

Chanoey333 says:

Ben & Jerry's claim that there isn't a big enough market to stock in the UK 🙁 which is a lie! And surely that's hindering the vegan movement here!

If anyone wants to help us poor Brits out (and save the animals of course!), here is the link to the petition:

Irene Dimitroglou says:

Biscotti cookies are the best things in the world they are so good and vegan! You should check em out

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