Vegan Gingerbread Cookies | Vlogmas

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MR.GAMER 990 says:

Aside from the Gingerbread Cookies looking so cute & delicious, I can't help but recall my Swiss teacher who once taught me how to read, and the book she chose was… low and behold, "The Gingerbread Man". I really do miss her! Happy holidays to both you & your man! ^^

Just Ray Carson says:


Mis Spain says:

i really hope they are just friends. i fear that a previous behaviour of a person who cheated on you is a good predictor for future repeated offensive behaviour. If a person seems sexually addicted, then secrets should be a part of a person's compulsion. if he would message me again on a hook up site, i will never disclose it again * wink. But then again, we do not know what Maya did that pushed this guy to cheat. Hence, i do not know the whole story.

cory osheba says:

That is the shirt your boyfriend wore but it looks better on you!!!

Lucy trust says:

very nice girl love you 💋

Mike Hiser says:

I'm trying 2lose a few lbs. Watching the cookies being made…
You – messing up my
Diet . ✌👽💚

Mike turner says:

Looks yummy!

jimbo markham says:

Yes maam 😜

Austin Gammon says:

Maya your nails are super long are you growing them out?

damien Smith says:

She looks good in that green sweater.

marc smith says:

nice a biological lover i mostly cook and bake with bio 😉

Matt Curtiss says:

<3 Love this so much. Cook more girl!

Maya Kitty says:

Aawww I love your vegan food so much i will make it <3 xoxo your chibo <3

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