Vegan Funeral Potatoes | Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole w/ Cream of Chicken Soup | Easy Holiday Side

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Vegan Funeral Potatoes (Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole) with Easy Vegan Cream of Chicken Soup Base

This recipe for Vegan Funeral Potatoes, or Vegan Cheesy Potatoes, or Vegan Cheesy Potato Bake, or Hash Brown Casserole, or Mormon Potatoes… is truly one of my greatest culinary accomplishments EVER. As a kid, this was the dish that I looked forward to being at every holiday party, wedding, or get together. As a vegan adult, this was the one dish that I continually longed for. Thanks to my Vegan Cream of Chicken Soup Base (also in the video) this “hotdish” is exactly how I remember it: creamy, rich, decadent, and yes, CHEESY!








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Blind Guy, His Wife, Their Life says:

You know we only clicked because of that funeral part. You know we love potatoes too. Just stop 😡😡 (I mean, don't REALLY stop🥰)

Vegan Yum says:

We tried these tonight and they were great! Thanks for posting this recipe! We LOVED it!!! =D

friendandpoet says:

this recipe is the BOMB! i never had the non-vegan version of it but i added gardein beefless crumbles to mine along with a few extra chopped peppers and MAN! all my non-vegan family members thought it was great, even my picky 8 year old niece loves it.. she went back for seconds, which rarely ever happens!

Kitt Miller says:

Here we go again more nuts I can not eat.

Jen Martin says:

Looks delicious!! I used to make a lot of Campbell's recipes when I was learning how to cook. I'm sure you could make a lot of their recipes with your cream of chicken recipe.

Pedro Gonzalez says:

What’s the of this track? It sounds awesome. Please let me know😊😊

Kim Thomas says:

Thank you so much for posting this. I can’t wait to try it. 😊

Steve Smekar says:

25k subs, Monson, rock and roll man high five

Just Jenny says:

We called it a very tacky name “dub t potato’s”. Pre-vegan I melted butter and mixed my corn flakes, garlic powder, and a bit of salt and that made it a game changer. I also just put those on top of the serving so they didn’t get soggy. Then you have that perfect goodness on every bowl. Lol

Victoria Blanc says:

unless of course you are using violife cheeses especially the cedar shreds would work well with this. we use their feta as a goat cheese replacement also, and their parma is awesome

Naturally With Karen says:

Oh my Goodness you are a God among men! Look at your beautiful dishes and your presentation is just lovely and crystal clear! Give thanks Michael 🌺🏵️🌸🌼⭐🌻💛💚

tricia kennedy says:

Love it! We call this Hashbrown Casserole down south, I might need to make it even though it's not Thanksgiving.

Carissa Gatewood says:

I made this but with a few moderations because of ingredients on hand in my home 💚 I really appreciate the inspiration. I used to love this very similar hash brown casserole from a chain restaurant called The Cracker Barrel.

I made 2x recipe of the Oh She Glows Quick and Dirty cheez sauce I have been using since I went vegan almost 7 years ago and replaced the salt with a generous amount of that No-chicken base. I then made cashew sour cream out of 1 cup of soaked cashews and some water, ACV, and salt. Then I assembled the casserole just like you did but with seasoned buttery panko and daiya cheddar on top. Yum!

ElementsPCO says:

Made this tonight with a couple of modifications and it was a delicious hit with the entire vegan family! I’m confident omnivores would love as well. We do as much SOS-Free (Salt, Oil ,Sugar) as possible so eliminated the butter, increased the nooch, reduced cheese to a total of 1/3 cup, subbed Table Tasty for the bouillon and added garlic powder and onion powder for more flavor. I'm not a fan of hand chopping so I water chopped the onions (and added about 6 cloves of garlic and 1 cup of mushrooms) before sauteeing. Thank you for your inspiration and continued fantastic recipes! I’ve loved everything of yours I’ve tried.

Halima Peterson says:

Love ur videos

Elissa Davis says:

L o V e yur recipes soooo much !!!

Elissa Davis says:

It’s all about Y O U !!! Yur soooo awesome !!

Herne Webber says:

I've never heard it called anything but potatoes au gratin. Never saw it with cornflakes on top, and never made with soup. Usually it was milk and sour cream, sometimes with small cubed ham mixed in. I like to add in finely diced bell pepper, sometimes mushrooms. This recipe is now saved to my recipes folder.

Veggie Every Day says:

What a great idea. This looks so good! I love the Better than Bouillon – I use it all the time and a jar goes a really long way.

Lexinatorade * says:

My family has been making "Cheesy potatoes" my whole life. It's very similar to this, but with more cheese. We've always had it for Christmas, so I did a trial run last night using half of this recipe and making a cheese sauce, and it was amazing!. Thank you for getting this recipe down and sharing it! I think that they will be blown away by how similar it is, it's just a bit more mild. I'm going to use the other half in a creamy chickpea pot pie later this week, and I'm so looking forward to it.

LeAnn Baldy says:

Oh, my favorite dish by far!!! Thank you. You always make the most wonderful things! And I would love to know how to make yogurt.

Suzette Smith says:

Yes please to the yogurt. I need to start making my own

Gabriela Bianchi says:

Hi, new follower here from Puerto Rico. I hope your day went well, and that you have a good night.
God bless + take care 🙂

Brit Bolerjack says:

Please make a vegan green bean casserole that isn’t runny or SUPER mushroomy. My mom made gbc growing up with cream of chicken.

Liz Halloran says:

Great video! Yes please for your Yogurt recipe please.

amandahope1981 says:

Do the flakes get soggy pretty soon? Also do you think it would he good to use regular cut up potatoes and add ground vegan beef?

Danielle Stoor says:

Wow indulgent! I have seen these and we can not eat due to dairy allergy. Thanks for this vegan version😀.

sn232 says:

Another plant milk idea for those that can't eat nuts: I wonder if a cooked potato blended instead of cashews would work. Potato onion cheese is really good, so maybe it would work? Or white beans?

Kim Clark says:

This looks so good. I would love a sweet potato casserole recipe or maybe a green bean casserole one?!

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