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I EAT LOTS OF VEGAN FOOD IN New York CITY. Heres my top restaurant picks!!

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New York has some incredible vegan restaurants, so much variety & different cuisines too choose from, I was in the city for a few days and here’s the restaurants I managed to eat at. We went to screamers pizza for vegan New York style pizza, vegan Ice cream from van leeuwen in Brooklyn, Ivan Ramen for an incredible vegan ramen, Luanne’s Wild Ginger, Champs diner for American fast food & ABCv. Where else should people check out if visiting NYC? thanks Gaz

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Music by @danbwilliams

filmed by @maxwell.alex
edited by @tominanutshell


Greg Yarbro says:

Gaz, I am sure I can speak for everyone when I say how proud I am of you and this channel! Keep up the fantastic work!

Kate Donovan says:

Gaz you really need to check out Candle 79 amazing vegan restaurant on the upper east side. It was amazing fine dining with the most awesome, friendly staff. So wonderful to be able to order anything from the menu and any wine and know without a doubt it was 100% vegan Your next trip don't miss it, their menu is superlative. I really hope your dream of opening your own restaurant happens as I would love to dine there!

Roksanda Kosmajac says:

I hope that you are NOT wearing LEATHER….?
Thank you for your beautiful Recipes.

GogL0L says:

Watching this while fasting is torture levels I never even imagined were possible

Tevis Adams says:

Mouth 💦 I’m hungry 😋

Ajin Noda says:

How to believe these pizza is all Vegan, look so delicious !!!!! I got return to manhattan to eat that pizza.

My Drawing Tutorials says:

vegan food porn at it's best!

Natural Tabby says:

omg you were a block away from my home wow right by mccaren park nice

Celina Bond - Dating Coach says:

the food looks incredible…but the bloopers were the best hahahahah

Vegan Comfort Food says:

Looks insane 😍

Jonathan Nunes says:

Bro you have to checkout veggie castle in Queens

Mai Mohamed says:

Yay to put this in my list to visit 😍✨

IL Boassa says:

blessed are you in Italy these things do not exist … in Italy, a bastion of cooking … but the cuisine of the 1800s 🙁

Leslie P says:

YUMM!!! I might have to go to New York… : 0 )

Ellen Henderson says:

Spanish pronunciation of "Qu" is "K". Kay-so, for Queso. Key-sa-diya for Quesadilla.

AbstractMan23 says:

6:33 what's that sauce?

Alexandra Rivera Acosta says:

All great places! On the cheap, comfort food side I would recommend Melt Shop for your next visit, they only have one vegan option but it is definitely worth a try. A little pricier, I would say Peacefood Cafe or maybe Atlas Cafe. And then even more pricy, Delice e Sarasin. It’s a completely vegan French restaurant.

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