VEGAN Fast Food Choices! – McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Panera & more! – Mind Over Munch

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Today I share a follow up video to my previous Healthy Fast Food Choices video to share some vegan options at 15 different fast food chains!
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Burger King:
Wendys: (click each item to find nutrition)
Taco Bell:
Chick Fil A: (see each individual item for nutrition)
Dunkin Donuts:
Pita Pit:
Nature’s Table:
Pizza Hut:
Einstein Bros:

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Brandon Corydon says:

It’s funny that she mentions sugar so much but never mentions fat. Like that peanut butter spread. Jeez. Remember fat is the most energy dense macromolecule at 9cal/g making it more than twice the cal/g than protein and carbohydrates. That’s really what you want to be weary of.

Pinkblue 246807 says:

Hey guys as someone who works at McDonald's ask for the cooks to change their gloves because most the time they don't change it and the fried onions are cooked in the same vat as the meat. So be warned.

Traveling On a Shoestring says:

Great video but luckily there have been some updates to a lot of chains menus. A lot of restaurants have since started making vegan and vegetarian options like Burger King, Carl's Junior, Del Taco and Chick Fil A.
All have decent vegetarian options. I find as far as eating vegetarian goes sticking with Mexican restaurants usually allows me to get a lot of flavor, nutrition and variety while still sticking to the eating requirements I have.

Luke Costello says:

This is so dire. No wonder why there aren't more vegans

Christy Larsen says:

How can it be vegan when its been cooked on the same grill as the meat or fried in the same oil as meat products sorry but this is a fail.

JayRebel says:

There is no such thing as a "vegan" fast food restaurant. In FACT, any restaurant that serves anything but NON-organic plant based food is not vegan. This comes from my 15 years of working in kitchens. Eventually, EVERYTHING gets cross contaminated in some way with meat and/or dairy products. Guaranteed. So if a restaurant serves meat it cannot be vegan, vegetarian options perhaps at best, but not vegan. i don't care what dieticians or doctors say. They want to make money from your illness and obesity, i don't give a fuck if you wanna kill yourself with fried chicken like a moron. i'm just giving you all the straight facts. There's always a "Johnny" on the line. And Johnny doesn't give a fuck which spatula he uses during a Friday night dinner rush or that he just repositioned a steak on one plate then prepared your side salad by reaching into an insert with his meat juice covered fingers. Get the picture? Not vegan.

Olivia Pross says:

Now many places have meat free options

Andrew Dempsey says:

The 7 Layer Burrito at Taco Bell fresco, add potatoes, red sauce, onions with Diablo and Hot sauce. My favorite when I have to resort to fast food in a pinch.

Lawrence H says:

Fyi White Castle selling The impossible burgers and they fucking slap!!

Kerryslife says:

French fries aren’t vegan. They are made in beef flavouring _ spread the word!!!

Verbs describe us says:

no oatmeal in my starbucks

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