Vegan Enchiladas With Our New Vegan Friends

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“Latin Rhythm”
by Sunsearcher

“Sideways Samba”

by Latché Swing

Created by Liz Pierotti & Duncan Skiles


Nelly Cooks says:

Hells bells lmmfao y’all funny as hell! Y’all got IG? I’m makin this first time today I’ll let u know how it smacks

Elizabeth Alvarado Vidana says:

As a Mexican this made me sick and as vegan I get it. But for the love of food and Mexican Culture do not dare to call it enchilada!!

Amber Huselton says:

I would try the Mexican Bloody Mary, lol. Maybe use cilantro in place of celery? Sounds yum.

Yaya Samara says:

Can you post the recipe please.?

Leslie Smith says:

Red number 40 is usually synthesized now because they can more easily control the color! I learned that while researching paint pigments for work.

Romy Palings says:

hey just wanted to say i'm kinda vegan because of your videos so keep it going, it's working haha

Benjamin Quinn says:

Adam is like a young Jeff Goldblum. So soothing and full of class.

Anna K says:

I'm going to try this recipe, but I'm going to have to find some cheese that melts more like cheese if I want my non-vegan husband to eat it.

Alexa Michelle says:

Aw man I want enchiladas now! Definitely going to make this the next time I pick up vegan shredded cheese and beefless crumbles 😋 I’m sure my non-vegan husband would love these!

Keyonna Davis says:

aawwwwwwwww i love vegan couples. they emanate so much love into the world just by chance on top of on purpose.

Keyonna Davis says:

"hells bells" omgggggggggg

M 205 says:

My home town population is 600 (in Alabama) I'm no longer there but my family is. I'm pretty sure my mom is the only vegan in the entire county . When she even uses the word vegan restaurant serves ask what is that.

Gaby Morales says:

Enchiladas don't have olives 😂

Michelle Forster says:

Just found out that red 40 is made with chemicals. I am finding I consume a lot of nasty stuff and I didn't even know it!!! I have been very interested in vegan eating. That is how I found your channel. This looks very yummy!!!

Robert Montoya says:

I stopped everything just to write that quote down from the back of that cookie

Sophy_satx says:

This is damn enchilada BLASPHEMY. This is smothered fake burritos. White people please stop fucking up the food of my people and calling it whatever you want.

ekarpaty says:

dang i love adam and katie. pls do another vid with them!

Alice G says:

I am also a tortilla.

Happy Peacock says:

Dear world these r smothered burritos….

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