Vegan Egg Trick Muffin | Breakfast Sandwich | Strong Hearts Cafe ZOMBIE#14

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Jon travels to Strong Hearts Cafe in Syracuse NY to learn how to make vegan egg trick muffins.
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Here, Jon visits the Strong Hearts Cafe safe haven and learns how to make the breakfast egg trick muffin.

Heat 3 tbsp oil on med heat
tofu (1 lb makes 3 patties)
Gimme Lean Sausage (1 package = 8 patties)

Seasoning Mixture (enough for approx 20 tofu patties)
1 cup nutritional yeast
1/4 cup turmeric
1 1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 1/2 tsp onion powder
1 tsp salt
Put remaining seasoning in container for future use

Daiya Cheese 2 oz
English muffin

Strong Hearts Cafe
719 E Genesee St
Syracuse, NY


Sya Meze says:

Do you need to drain it first? I never cooked tofu, but always hear ppl talking about draining the liquid out. Thanks for sharing. 😍😍😍

Kathy Mitchell says:

Lose the oil and keep a strong heart ❤️. I’m going to make this. Thx for the recipe!

goodmaki says:

You crave meat so badly you will make fake eggs as a substitute. That is mental illness.

LaTosha Budde says:

I just made this sandwich and it is amazing. So good yummy 😋

TL K23 says:

Great recipe. can't wait to make it. Love your videos. Keep doing them!


I love your videos on your Channel. watch out for the zombie behind the camera. Laugh out loud. I just had to say that . You are way awesome man. I really enjoy your videos. I watch them all the time. Thanks again for posting your videos.

Leah says:

Looks really good but dang no sauce or tomato & avo?! Seems like it'd be a bit dry!

Vegan Bear says:

thanks brothers

Leon K. says:

100001 subscribers congrats!

itsmemuffins says:

Explain to me again. Why do vegans want to eat something that resembles aborted chicken fetus and cow?

Dine Loshaj says:

That's dope shirt Jon. I know this is an old video but where did you get that shirt?

SleepyJ L says:

I love your channel

Addy LaSalle says:

Are you from Syracuse?

Ladi Lilith says:

If you substitute Kala Namak (Indian Black Salt) for the salt in the recipe, you will have a real egg flavor. Indian Black Salt has sulfur in it, which is what gives eggs their characteristic scent and flavor. 🙂

Summer GL says:

Loved this! Had it for breakfast AND lunch! Thanks for sharing!

Sam Stepanski says:

Their food is all amazing ahhhh

X X says:

I just saw some chickens killed Halal style in a documentary so now im going vegan for a bit. Love checking out the vegan zombie but dude that singing in the beginning is fuckin annoying

WorldOfRandomStuff says:

That looks amazing! I'll have to try it.

J Carter says:

Just made one of these. Awesome!!!!

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