Vegan Dollar Store Recipe Challenge | Enchiladas & Crunchwrap | Chris vs. Jasmine

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We are sharing with you two recipes that we made using ingredients from the dollar store. They turned out SO GOOD! PS the current score is Chris 3 – Jasmine 3. Don’t forget to vote for the winner in the cards! – OPEN FOR MORE –

We made both of the recipes in the video into blog posts, check them out!
⋇ Vegan Crunch Wrap Supreme:
⋇ Vegan Enchilada Casserole:

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Kaylah Lee says:

I thought canned refried beans weren’t vegan…I may be wrong, don’t quote me on it 😂❤️

/ says:

Look into not using a microwave. When you learn what it does to vegetables, you'll find it no trouble to heat food in a skillet or pot or toaster oven.

Cryssie jonz says:

Great challenge guys love this video as well as your what i eat a day's too😊😊 i saw chris won this challenge sorry jasmine:(

DevanFTM says:

Not vegan but I do have nutritional yeast lol df

kelsey pb says:

This was so fun to watch! Now I just gotta convince my husband we gotta do this challenge at home, esp considering we already love a good bargain👌

Vegan With Love says:

Chris has such a nice shirt! I love it😻

Vegan Tina says:

Loved the challenge video.

The excessive clicking/snapping at the end was displeasing.


Jennifer Johnson says:

I think the crunch wrap wins for me, but that casserole probably would have had me if it wasn’t so dry. Dip the corn tortillas next time and you’d have a winner to me.😁

lexi c says:

can’t get over chris’ dance moves lol

you both are so creative! inspires me to get more in the kitchen and experiment and just have fun with it 🙂

OhNo Antonio says:

What if you do a 10 dollar challenge and everything you buy you have to use. Maybe even add a limit to the number of ingredients you must have so you can’t just buy a couple of expensive items. Also, you can’t go above and under 10 dollars. 😉

hope sutton says:

Lol, y’all snap a lot. Definitely want to try the crunch wrap 👌🏻

Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete says:

I seriously kept wondering WHAT THE HECK my cousins were always going to the Dollar store for while they were visiting from out of state(they're ALSO vegans). I had NO idea that ALL of these things were there! 😳 I introduced them to Aldi. Check mate!😏 Also I think nutritional yeast and cacao are fair game! 😂

Lindsey McLaughlin says:

I'm making that crunch wrap omg yes

AmandaJean LimaBean says:

What a fun challenge! Love it!

suhaila qari says:

Crunch rap looks amazing and so easy 😍😍😍

Sabrina Pollitt says:

Lol, the amount you two snap is hilarious. I think it used to be just Chris but now Jasmine you do it too! P.S Loved this challenge!! Such a great idea since so many low income people shop at the dollar store for food. My vote is Jasmine! Although both look delicious.

Evolution of Masha says:

Dollar store challenge?! YESS to this so many more times! Both were great recipes. Chris may have won for convenience and ease but Jasmine won for using that mashed potatoes for the cheese sauce…..duh…I can't believe that never came to me…lol.

Mary Smith says:

Recipe please!

Flo Sheffield says:

Love the idea of vegan cheap meals from stores that everyone has access too! Such simple idea and vegan!! Loved it.

T Green says:

What type of oil does you tortilla contain?

Blair Murphy says:

The smoke when yall bumped fists was awesome!!

heartbasedherbivore says:

This video should be called Chris vs. Corn Nuts. LOL.

Laura Morse says:

Caitlin should judge!

chefboyardhillan says:

I was wondering why you didn’t layer it with the cheese sauce either 😂
Would’ve made it so much better !

minekosann says:

T – shirts are interesting!
What is next time?
Two people's dishes are also very convenient!

Betty says:

Both recipes are mouthwatering but Chris' recipe is something I have never seen so he wins for me! But I will definetly try both! 😀 Loved the challenge!

Nicki Loder says:

I've really been enjoying this style of recipe videos versus the voice overs-it's so much more authentic and real 🙂 Keep up the great work guys!

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