Vegan Doctor Schools The Drs On Cheese & Cancer

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Yes, vegan doctor, Kristi Funk, warns the Doctors on their TV show about the health risks of meat and dairy. They actually let her speak and were nice to her. Unfortunately Dr. Stork ruins this great moment, of course.

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Healthy mom2011 says:

They are funded by the meat πŸ₯© and dairy πŸ₯› industry!

Plants On Purpose says:

I live in Central Texas with no Trader Joe's, no Whole Foods and no vegan or vegetarian restaurants. You can be vegan if you want to no matter where you live. Dr. Stork was making excuse after excuse. Once you decide to take control of your health it's possible against all odds.

Jasmine Flores says:

I live in Idaho. It's a struggle to find vegan groceries, but it's cheaper and keeps you Fuller longer.

Gerald Brienza says:

I just don’t know why you care so much………I’m a flexatarian, I eat what I want when I want. All of these β€˜studies” are irrelevant to me.

gongoloo says:

Would you try to convince a lion to go vegan? Just curious, assuming a lion could reason.


That doctors is in the matrix. Telling your patients to eat that crap. Should be struck off. Liars and taking back handers. Scummy

Trevor Hiscox says:

No theories, fact, dairy and animal farm industries pay to lie, public accepts because of indoctrination and taste and all that disregards innocent animals and their horrific lives.

Intel LTR45 says:

The studies sited here don't look at sugar. Disingenuous.

Intel LTR45 says:

Sugar is bad for you not cheese. Polysaturated fat from plants is worse than cheese.

Intel LTR45 says:

Saturated fat is not bad for you. This is 2019 not 1978. Soy is worse than cheese also. And vegan diets contain too much carbs. It is not calories in and calories out.

jesusistheonlyway says:

What most people don't realize most of your lifespan is genetic.

Curt Williams says:

i loved this video. Here is the reason dr. stork supports the wrong side, you support the side that pays you. End of discussion.

Nonhlanhla Nhlapo says:

I used to love The Doctors, but now as a medical student, I have lost whatever respect I had for them as medical professionals. Did they never have classes on health research in their med schools? Ridiculous!

joe cohan says:

Well who supports the vegan research…ah i would imagine assume the veggie and fruit industry…Most plant base has been manipulated by science…were did purple and orange cauliflower come from modern science. Why are bananas so sweet science gmo or cross breeding. The veggies and fruit you eat has all been manipulated by the science community.. So what is so natural about that?

joe cohan says:

Where is her research…does she really understand the science of it? I doubt it.

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