Vegan Dinner at Aju || Osaka Japan

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Although this restaurant serves mostly vegan dishes, I noticed some drinks contain honey… so, be careful!! It’s not 100% vegan.
We loved their okonomiyaki, pizza and dessert.
The restaurant inside is small, but the prices are not bad! There are pros and cons. In this video we are introducing this restaurant, but we’ll give our review of all vegan restaurants in Osaka in the future, after visiting all of them!
So, stay tuned!

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vegancecilia insydney says:

I went there and had their vegan yakitori and vegan okonomiyaki. They are very good. Thanks for your recommendation.

wow ying says:

where is the restaurant

André Yukihiro says:

Adoro seus vídeos… nos vemos em Osaka dia 15! ;D

HiiisandLows says:

Made a sort of vegan okonomiyaki last night for me and my Fiancé. We are from Seattle,WA and I make okonomiyaki when my fridge is pretty bare. I used 1 cup of all purpose flour, 1 1/2 tblsp baking powder, sea salt to taste, 2 tblsp mirin(or rice wine), 2 tblsp onion powder, 1 tbslp black or white pepper, 1 tblsp organic granulated sugar, 2 tblsp roasted black sesame seed, 1 tblsp chia or hemp seeds, 1 tspn coarse ground spicy brown mustard(or wasabi), 1 medium washed baking potato(or Japanese sweet potato) diced extremely small, 1/4 head of napa(green) cabbage shredded and chopped finely, 1/2 white onion diced extremely small, 2 stalks green onion(negi?) finely sliced, 1 stalk finely diced washed celery stalk, shredded and finely cut sheets of dried roasted seaweed(nori), Vegan egg replacer( I use Energy vegan egg replacement made out of tapioca flour and other plants) equivalent to 2 eggs, 1 cup vegetable broth, 4 tblsp vegan mayo(soy mayo), 1 tblsp Siracha.
1) Place all dry ingredients/spices for batter in large mixing bowl.
2) Wash and prepare fresh vegetables.
3) Pre-cook celery, potato, and onion in small frying pan with small amount of sesame oil. Cook until potatoes are just soft. Place cooled cooked vegetables in dry ingredients bowl with shredded raw cabbage, half the shredded cut up roasted seaweed(nori), and uncooked green onion.
4) Prepare egg substitute as suggested on package.
5) Mix wet ingredients including spicy brown mustard, mirin( or rice wine), egg substitute, and vegetable broth into dry ingredients and vegetable mixture.
6) Stir well until all ingredients are combined. Let mixture sit in fridge for about 10 minutes.
7) Take large non-stick frying pan and heat 1 tblsp sesame oil in pan per large pancake/okonomiyaki. Turn heat on medium-high but before adding batter(once oil is hot) turn heat a little lower(medium heat).
8)Spoon batter into circular style pancakes in hot pan. Let each side brown for about five minutes(may take a little longer to fully cook the middle inside batter).
9) Remove individual pancakes/okonomiyaki to serving plates.
10) In a small bowl mix vegan mayo with Siracha sauce until well combined.
11) Spoon or pipe out spicy vegan mayo onto each pancake then top with remaining shredded and cut up roasted seaweed(nori).

This should make about 4( savory pancakes) that contain 2 servings of large okonomiyaki or about 8 medium personal sized okonomiyaki.

***Also filling suggestions include any type of diced up veggie you want( if it takes a long time to cook pre-cook them first before adding to batter). Spinach is a really good filling in these savory pancakes! Vegan sausages chopped up, Vegan chicken substitute pre-cooked in sesame oil, ginger, and soy sauce, or soy "imitation" crumbled bacon bits all make really tasty options as well. For a cheesy pancake add 2 tblsp B12 Fortified Nutritional Yeast or Dayia Cheddar Cheez Shreds. <3

ShinSenshi says:

Love your channel and videos, instant subscriber! I travel regularly to Japan, and always love discovering new vegan places. I'll be in Osaka in March and can't wait to check out some of the restaurants you've featured 🙂

Are there any, or have you considered starting vegan meetups in Osaka? I know there are a lot in Tokyo, and if you're on Facebook you should check out the group Tokyo Vegan/Vegetarian Friends club. I know they don't discuss the ethics of veganism and include vegetarians, but they are a really good communal resource especially when it comes to discussing vegan items at conbini, and have monthly meetups. Something like that in Kansai would be awesome too!

BINCH 3000 says:

These dishes looked so good!!

Map the Soul x says:

Your food looked soo good! I need to go to this place next time I visit Osaka. Loved the music you used in this vid too

jaquiobear says:

Oh, I wish I could try that restaurant!

Gone with the Kale says:

I cannot believe this is vegan food in Japan. Looks like what I would find here in very nice vegan restaurants. It's quite beautiful if we think how universal vegan food truly is. Nothing about it is ever scary.

Sheikah シーカー says:

wooa I really want to try that okonomiyaki! looks so tasty. your japanese is really good 😀

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