Vegan desserts and tips for your business | online course

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Veganism is taking over the food scene, people are exploring new niches for a healthier and more nutritious food. The vegan food eliminates the consumption of animal based products, defends the animals rights and seeks a balanced diet.

To help all the vegans to eat delicious and beautiful deserts and thinking on this growing market and how entrepreneurs can make and sell those products, chef Izabela Braga teaches lots of recipes and techniques.

In addition to the desserts, you’ll learn how to prepare basic ingredients for vegan recipes, such as vegetable milks and green banana biomass. Braga also gives you tips on product’s storage, food delivery and even how to open your own business.

This course is designed for those who want to incorporate healthy recipes on a daily or already have or want to open a new business with vegan recipes on the menu.


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