Vegan Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal : The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show

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Cinnamon Rolls are one of my absolute favorite baked good treats but they are usually made with loads of butter, refined sugars and flours. This Plant Based oatmeal recipe tastes just like those same Cinnamon Rolls but they are absolutely good for you! You will feel like you are cheating for sure. This recipe will help you get through the oatmeal for breakfast doldrums and it will keep you full and satisfied till lunch.



Linda Goode says:

Jill – thank you so much for this wonderful, easy recipe. I’ve had it the last two days for breakfast and it is wonderful. My non-WFPB husband even wants them for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks again!

SimplyPatti says:

I love my oatmeal! Thanks for this recipe!

sjcottam says:

You are a joy! Thank you!

Christine Peters says:

Hi Jill could i use steel cut oats instead of oatmeal?

Christine Peters says:

Hi Jill if i am using the small dates not the medjool dates how many would i use for the dressing?

Corey Mondello says:

Have u tried savory version of oatmeal? I toss stir fry veggies with tablespoon of Trader Joe’s Soyaki (soy-teriyaki mix) or spaghetti sauce….it’s surprisingly delicious!

BFmusicDoTcOM says:

Do almonds work the way cashews do in these plant based recipes? (cashew allergy in my family)

Linda Goode says:

Jill, do you like the electric burner that you use? Would you mind sharing what type it is? Thanks!

Aleksandra Zarak says:

Hi, I think you are my new best friend Jill. I am new to your channel, but now I have tons of stuff to study. I will have your baked egglants for dinner first though ;-)))

Gayle Asche says:

delicious! I made it this morning.

So Bella BG says:

Absolutely LOVE this oatmeal with the cashew cinnamon “icing” topping. I am going to add some sautéed cinnamon apples to it next time as it will remind me of the apple fritter donuts I used to eat with far too much joy but without all the subsequent guilt and calories.

Danielle Harabin says:

Oh my goodness! I love this recipe. I made the topping last night and the oatmeal this morning. My topping was slightly runny so I will go with a little less water next time but the taste was amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Serial Eater says:

You're so close to 100k! Yay! x

The Watering Mouth: High-Nutrient Lifestyle says:

Oh jeeeeeezus. I'm making this in the morning. I'm feeling in such a rut lately, I need this recipe!! Thanks lady. <3

Autumn Meadows says:

OK, since I am thinking about being efficient and frugal at the same time, maybe make extra oatmeal, put this in the refrigerator for the next day. Saves time, energy and you can think about this as you are waking. It is more than likely a nice night time snack. peace

Autumn Meadows says:

Hi, I just watched this again. I am making the icing presently.

Anna Lee says:

pony tail my friend =) … pony tail.. lol.. hair is driving me nutzo

Robin D. Phillips says:

I already eat my oatmeal with dates, and lots of spices like pumpkin spice, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, and more cinnamon. I LOVE macadamia nuts! I’ll have to try pecans. Thanks for sharing.

Jojiz World says:

Mmmmm can’t wait to try this!!

Sarah Austin says:

That looks delicious!

Pam Graves says:

I'm looking forward to breakfast

Miguel Ohara says:

Pretty creative!

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