Vegan Cheddar and Broccoli || Casserole Recipe

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This vegan cheddar and broccoli casserole is so delicious. My non-vegan husband loves it and so do my picky kids. Vegan Casseroles are not easy to come by, luckily this is one of them and it’s easy and delicious.

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Elizabeth Jones says:

Can i use wheat flour instead?

Susan Brown says:

I love your videos, and I have a mini cheese thief too…do you have any kid approved lunch meal preps? Still having a hard time converting my 8 yo

Jennifer Nichole says:

Thanksgiving dish YASSS

Katherine Channel says:

I love watching your channel and making the foods you upload on to youtube. My family loves the food I make because of you. thanks !!!!!!!!! : ]

Lismore98 says:

Awsome recipe and I think its great to see your daughter eat broccoli so happily 👍🏻

StrawbunnyMilk says:

Yum I bet this would be good with a chicken-like tofu

Lost Coast Boys says:

Attempting this because I got a 5 pound bag of broccoli from costco yesterday, turns out it is spoiled though as I already began the recipe. Looks like I'm using the costco frozen veggies, and no paprika, but none the less gonna be bomb! thanks for inspiring me to get off my butt!

L. Rockett says:

Yes Ma'am

kissipooh2007 says:

What brand of vegan Cheddar did you use ?

Peach Leche says:

Darn! The video quality is a bit fuzzy!

thefamilymixx says:

Your daughter is bea reminds me of mine. Get your hands out of my food child. I love your channel you're so real and genuine.

Byron Murphy says:

Great way to get brocolli into a child's diet, mix it with cheese, amazing how that breast milk connection never leaves us, even with vegan cheese, that's why it so important to find a vegan cheese that adults and children like.

Jeanne Hinrichs says:

looks like you can place in small serving containers and freeze and microwave when wanted not necessarily prebake in caserole looks as tho it is all precooked am i making sense?

Ciao Em says:

Your daughter is so pretty😍😍

Champagne and Gummy Bears says:

Totally random and unrelated to the video but I love your hair!

cyberdazed says:

Why does the Diaya cheese melt? Is there a way to make it melt?

howyoudurrinhunneh says:

That child needs to be commercials.

Jenna Danelle says:

My daughter is going to go gaga over this one! She is also (vegan) cheese obsessed! Lol.

Veronica Salas says:

Omgoodness this looks so good!! Making this tomorrow 😊

Reb Pebble says:

This looks the bomb!

Ally Reed says:

Mouth is watering. Another absolutely stunning video! Also, I love your hair. (:

Samantha Kidd says:

I made this and added about a table spoon of nutritional yeast in with the cheesy sauce, it was delicious!

Sarah Diaz says:

This look incredible! I am trying this out this weekend. Thank you!

Alethea Todaro says:

OMG girl I have missed your videos so much!! I can't wait to catch up with all of them!! Your daughter is so cute! Shes like ummm give me that cheese lol! This dish looks bomb!!

Koko Hawk says:

Yum. I'm gonna add pasta and breadcrumbs. Great job!

gisforgary says:

bechamel is a great basic to master. never thought of doing it while sauteing onions, cuts the cooking time in 1/2.

Ashley B. says:

Omg I love cheesy casseroles! I will definitely be trying this!

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