Vegan Carne Asada Jackfruit tacos, mango de gallo and salad

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Taco Tuesday with my good friend Jack aka Jackfruit tacos, mango de gallo and a jackfruit salad option!


starstruckt says:

she crazy as hell😂🙏🏾❤️

starstruckt says:

“stare it up” i love my people 😂

Sam In the woods says:

She sings Jackson while eating jack. Cause that's her business.

ana acebey says:

This was my first time watching a video from you. I just want to say I really enjoyed your video!! Thank you. The recipes looked good and with comedy that’s deadly combination. Loved it!!!❤️🌹

Victoria Walker says:

Lavender 😆💝

lisa wallace says:

Name it more than a mango de gallo salad just thinking❤ with love

Michele Burrell says:

Gotta' make this!!!

Tianna S. says:

"Red but purple onion!"

"It's bout lavender jesus!"😂😂😂

Avy Alioua says:

that's body loving food right there!!!!!love your business! god bless you and your family!!!

Angela Johnson says:

Your recipes look so good.. I’m turning into an undeclared vegan, who is steady eating vegan food .🤣 Love your channel

itpaystobeme says:

Girl. You are EVERYTHING!!!!👏👏👏

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