Vegan Carbonara // Recipe + Taste Test

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Carbonara recipe:

Cashew parmesan recipe:

Cheap Lazy Vegan’s vid that inspired this:

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Sarah's Vegan Kitchen says:

I ate both recipes in 2 days……so I think it's safe to say this is worth making lol. πŸ˜‹

Linda Nelson says:

I wonder how this would be with the Just Egg and maybe some lactic acid powder instead of the sauerkraut? I haven't tried this recipe but I've been thinking of making it.

Michael Brown says:

Does the spaghetti contain egg?

Green Snail says:

Looks good. And sure, Mushrooms rule.

kenlogin1 says:

Sending my prayers πŸ™

Violet Velvet says:

I like my pasta uncooked as well lol

Noella Aviles says:

You're seriously making some of these vegan alternatives look better than the original non vegan meals.

semaj leinad says:

The only real vegans in this world or baby's. What is the definition of vegan to you ? The craziest thing I ever heard was they need a vegan Church smfh. You can't be vegan in America unless you're growing your own fruits and vegetables in your backyard. Plant a seed on concrete and enjoy being vegan.

Tj Lee says:

Yesterday was just my second week eating vegan; I am all in…but I just can't get with tofu yet, lol.

Saby says:

Most vegan cheese are made of cow milk, you should read the is a video about it

Chris P says:

I have to try this recipe. I usually make this one:
Btw – your smile is contagious. Subscribed πŸ˜‰

hall0w33nb0y says:

I also have my pasta legit like uncooked

Maryan Porter says:

Sarah, I just made the one using the sauerkraut liquid and wow, it was amazing. I made shitake bacon by cooking shitakes at 350 with liquid smoke and i also added black salt (as you recommended). I also made your cashew, nutritional yeast and salt cheese. I tagged you on instagram. Thanks for the inspiration and seriously, who knew that vegan carbonara could taste this good!

jojibot says:

This is ok but it isn’t carbonara

beautiful__ leigh says:

Quick question.Where did you purchase that bamboo looking salt and pepper holder at :36 seconds? I really like that along with all your videos lol of course. You eat a lot like my family healthy but tasty and yummy. Thanks for your videos keep them coming 😁

kev2020 says:

I'm sitting here in my last 6 hours of a 3 day water fast. I want to break the fast with a fresh juice but I think that I may end up making this carbonara and apple fritters…and a biscuit. I definitely want biscuits. And fries.

Create with *Timi* says:

OMG! I cannot wait to try these, Carbonara was one of my favs before I became vegetarian. Have a blessed day!

Allen Stinnett says:

i still say your just to cute girlie.I would ask you to marry me but my wife said I couldn't so, sorry. I like the way you cook. and I would like to try some of the carbonara.My favorite but I don't know about the vegan part.Im shure if you made it I would eat it tho

Bethesda Boy says:

Please don't hit your teeth with your fork. This is nails on the chalkboard to me. I doubt it's good for your teeth, either. You're marriage material, and don't let anyone treat you otherwise. Not just saying that cuz you cook.

Joel Lamica says:

Looks amazing!

Jerome de los Santos says:

What model Vitamix do you use? I've been doing soooo much research for almost a year now on which model to buy, etc and just can't get myself to spend the money. It looks like you have the wider, low profile, container maybe 64oz. I read a lot of user comments that even though the height is lower to fit under most cabinets, the wider container makes it more difficult to blend smaller quantities of things and doesn't blend as smooth. But I also know that a lot of the times its just user error and people become frustrated easily without knowing exactly how to fix the issue. Any problems with the wider container? Thanks!

Souma Mondal says:

Everything Serious Eats does is off the charts stellar. You should try out their ice cream recipe. KILLER.

Luke Winsor says:


ChlorineHeart says:

I really like brussels sprouts with carbonara, takes more work than the peas though!

Spacecowboy S says:

what she has just made is pasta with a sauce not cabonara.

Spacecowboy S says:

a real carbonara is just eggs and cheese never cream

Meredith Kavanagh says:

This video is great! I love your vibe, so relaxed and real and not preachy.

Huus67209 Huus67209 says:

I like the first recipe better. I don't like products that are vegan and made to look like meat. I'm not vegan but fried mushrooms with olive oil and garlic, onions is good for me and peppers in between two slices of bread. If you like Indian food try Lentil and potato korma. I add spinach to it.

Joseph Halpern says:

Anybody else love frozen peas?Β  That first recipe was so good.Β  Pasta is life.Β  You should make homemade vegan pasta from scratch.Β  It's life-changing.Β  Don't get me wrong I love dried pasta but there's something therapeutic about making pasta from scratch.

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