Vegan Butternut Squash Enchiladas

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Link to the full recipe for these delicious butternut squash enchiladas:


GoneGirl says:

Would be nice if she did a mise en place with the squash. Took too long to watch the cutting.

Alee Terrell says:

I love sour cream so sad

Alee Terrell says:

I will start a vegan body building/vegan health lifestyle. I want you to own a vegan restaurant. I would love to become a full-time customer!

Carolyn Miller says:


Jennifer B says:

Can you make vegan cheesy enchiladas too??

Gwen Dixon says:

I love your recipes!
May I make a suggestion? In many of your videos the background music is too loud. In order to hear you talk, I must turn the sound way too loud.

Robin Holbrook says:

Cumino is traditionally used in enchiladas. Lentils are also a good filling. Onions, garlic sauté with carrots; add lentils and spices. Vegan cheese grated on top. Served with brown rice with tomatoes (onions and garlic), and guacamole (lime juice, garlic and onions juices… do NOT use powder… salt and peppers if desired.) That is a traditional Mexican dinner… vegan style. Corn tortillas are traditionally vegan; flour tortillas traditionally are made with lard (pig fat.) I make this dinner for company as it is easy to do ahead. No one even comments about it being vegan!

Amina Ismail says:

Aww man I have one baking in the oven right now. The sign said spaghetti squash at the store.😂😂😂 Lmao. Roasted butternut squash it is!!

Danielle PS says:

i mean, it looks good. but does it taste good. ive been fooled to many times 🙁 ======

small footprint says:

They look wonderful!

wanda Shivers says:

I'm totally making these

Molli Holst says:

has anyone tried these? they just look so dry and that's not what i want in my enchiladas.

Mike Knop says:

Well I'm going to make me some of those that looks good thanks

bab4jesus says:

First off, I never, ever, EVER leave comments, but this recipe was SO good, I had no choice but to share my experience!! My past attempted meals (vegan and non-vegan) have never gone over very well with my family. I am the one who gets stuck eating all of the leftovers and sometimes the entire meal. 🙁 This is my first attempt at a Sweet Potato Soul recipe and THIS dish was a big hit with EACH of my picky, carnivorous, non-vegan peeps (nothing against carnivorous. I still eat a little meat while I'm transitioning). It was so good, my teen took some to school and shared it with a classmate (non-vegan). The classmate asked for my phone number so he could ask me to make him some more!! WAIT! WHAT?! Me?? You've turned me into a chef!! 🙂 I am definitely a Sweet Potato Soul Fan!! I can't wait to prepare more recipes AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE TO COOK!! Thanks so much for sharing your delicious recipes!!!

kyle Waters says:

Dope, Beautiful, Smart, Cool and Sexy..and you can cook. they should clone you. and the music on the videos always on point. thanks for being born yo.

beaucoup says:

I just made this for dinner and it was fantastic! I made a few changes based on ingredients I had on hand. I used frozen butternut squash allowing it to cook first and then drained the excess water that was released. Once the squash had cooked, I continued with the recipe as demonstrated. I let the enchiladas bake for 10 minutes instead of 20 since the filling was well integrated beforehand. I also subbed cilantro for fresh parsley and used yellow bell pepper instead of red. Thanks for the recipe! I haven’t had enchiladas since my vegan transition and these def fit the bill!

Song Bird says:

I made these tonight. I knew they would be good, because everything I’ve tried of yours has been. Next time I think I’ll try the filling in the instant pot. Thanks for the recipe 😊

Director STL says:

What is a substitute for garbanzo bean flour?

lautrice caesar says:

Really good just made it tonight and will make again

JaneYum says:

This was the video that made me realize that being vegan doesn’t mean giving up all the foods that you love to eat!! I make this recipe all the time and it’s my favorite dish ever! Thank you!

deanhrose/escreenplay says:

I look forward in making a lot of it. Thanks for the recipe and the variations to work with.

FoodFluent by RedLace says:

Really looking forward to trying these tonight! Thank you!

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