Vegan Broccoli Cheese Soup

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Demonstrates how to make a delicious low fat, vegetarian, non-dairy Broccoli Cheese Soup.


2emeraldeyes says:

Soaking the cashews…I've noticed in vegan vids that most people soak the cashews for a few hours or overnight to release healthy enzymes and it will also blend smoother for a more creamy base… I found that if I don't soak the cashews (or whatever nuts are being used) I get tiny little bits and it's not as smooth no matter how long I blend it.

SnoCone SpaceDoge says:


Sochilinda says:

just so you know calories don't mean anything regarding to what is healthy for you. that is what the dietiscians wants us to believe. calories are just about energy level, besides, this soup is for probably 4 to 6 people, so just divide the whole calories. certainly is not the same 400 calories or a small cocacola can to a nice soup like this even if the calories are the same. you know what i mean?

JoAnn Rachor says:

Thanks for your questions. The recipe calls for 4 cups broccoli. I show adding it at the end, after the creamy base is made. I should have called this "Non-Dairy Broccoli Cheese Soup". There are many recipes available these days for non-dairy cheeses. This is one version. Hope that is helpful.

MrGlennJohnsen says:

where's the broccoli? and the cheese?

Sunday Troeppew says:

That high-pitched girl sounds weird when she was told about Joann's father… What's up with her? And her question about rinsing nuts? Of course you'd want to rinse it first! What the?

And btw – there ain't cheese?

JoAnn Rachor says:

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Recipe comes from my vegan cookbook in which all recipes are nondairy & meat-free. Many vegan cookbooks use titles similar to what they are trying to replace so that people will get the idea of what it should be similar to. Such as "meatballs, cheese sauce, sour cream, ice cream". But I can understand the confusion. I think for YouTube I should have put "nondairy" in the title. I am learning. Thanks for pointing this out.

witchman1 says:

False advertiseing, no cheese.

JoAnn Rachor says:

Thanks for your question. Actually this is a non-dairy cheese-like soup. It is low fat but has a creamy richness of flavor.

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