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Cooking my vegan bbq jerk tacos with Kojey Radical! Hope you enjoy the video!

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CeCe Pie says:

That glow she has in her eyes for the brother, PRICELESS💕💕 y’all would make a beautiful couple 💞💖

Isha Joseph says:

When are you two getting married, y’all would make a cute couple.

Isha Joseph says:

I see soulmates ijs ☺️☺️☺️☺️🙃🙃🙃🙃😜😜😜😜😜

Jalexia Ofori says:

the way they cut the plantain you can tell there Caribbean.

Mike Luangrath says:

Why did you cut off “What’s It gonna be”? 😭😂

Tondaleya Carter says:

Remake the video please

E B says:

mango with the Busta Rhymes cameo lol

MrBirdman says:

This vid gave me too much joke the banter between you too was hilarious. Oh and the food looked delicious too

Simply Love says:

Yes she got her breast hanging out in front of his face! Lol

Kimberley Creary says:

I'm in Ja how can I get ur book.. I'm a new transitioning vegan

FBicoolshaman says: this woman need help from someone like you keep up the good work that you are doing

Y JoPharaoh says:

He need to put some gloves on those horrific fingers of his 🤢🤮😷

Special Melanin Star says:

God was showing out when he made Kojey..❤👑

PamCreative says:

YALL CUTTTEEEE!! Here for it!!!!!!! Can't wait to try this recipe!!

Prettybr0wn3y3z says:

They flirted the entire video… all the sexual innuendos … hilarious

Itsablackgirl _ says:

Make more videos together 😍😍🥘



Shakeeyla Jabarri says:

Big Dick Engery 😁

Maribell Funwie says:

Put ur gun fingers away 🤣🤣🤣😂

Soular Light says:

I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange between the two of you.

Soulfull Beauty says:

Jamaicans actually say plantin not plantain just to put that out there lol

Dale Reid says:

This video 16mins of joy

Balanced Duality says:

This is the cutest video. Lil cupcakes.

Osas Bouthoorn says:

What is your zodiac please? X

Paballo Molingoane says:

Don't they look beautiful standing side by side?

Sarah Idowu says:

Love your videos! Always giving me new recipes to try. Side note the chemistry in this video is everything 🥰

skye marshall says:

This video is great I was dying the whole time, to those who are hating on the jokes and fun they having and just want her to give step by step instructions buy her book like I did or wait for another video, period. Hello Rachel viewer from New York here!!! Love your book sis

Harry Watkins says:

Defo smoked a zoot

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