Vegan Bacon Egg And Cheese Sandwich! Just Egg and Follow Your Heart

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This is a review and comparison between two vegan egg products. Just egg, and Follow your heart vegan egg. I will make a bacon egg and cheese sandwich with both and even compare lite life and sweet earth vegan bacon.

Just egg is an absolute game changer. When the price drops, eggs are finished!


Cynthia Cintron says:

That is the most disgusting looking pan ever. THROW. IT. OUT.

Princess 319 says:

What about adding the Indian black salt to give them more of an egg taste? Have you tried that with either of them? I know the FYH already has it in there, but it needs more.
And for health reasons, omg please get a new pan! That huge burn mark is so bad and is extremely unhealthy if it's teflon! I recommend the Gotham steel nonstick pans that are PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS free. I've been using the big one for a couple of months and I love it. I do use a bit of olive oil and sometimes a tiny bit of nonstick spray, even though they say never use the spray. It's been fine, no problems, and it helps to never stick. I just recently ordered some more and waiting for them to arrive. Be gentle with cleaning – soft side of sponge only, and no metal utensils on them or they will scratch, like any non stick pan.

jenkah rhajdic says:

Could you sing the recipe?

Spartan Elf says:

I saw you on Brooklyn 99 season 4 episode 8, minute 15:39 or I just found your doppelganger!! what is this sorcery!

Craig Sullivan says:

Brian! I just contacted you through your website. It’s Sraig Sullivan from bourbon street on Ehrlich from over 20 years ago. Old school MtG.

Lucia Perez says:

You need new pans boy

DRwarnclif says:

Odd, these haven't been showing up in my sub box

Zurgo Pussysmasher says:

Seeing VBMC without makeup is like seeing my mom naked, but he's not horrifying like my mom.

Yes Please It's Vegan says:

Oh my god, feed me NOW <3

Zolta Pike says:

this song no good for women who was submiting to me.. how can songs be made?

Zolta Pike says:

this tthongg is for the activities

VeganBlackMetalChef says:

One thing I forgot to say in the video… the 8 bucks is an expensive couple of sandwiches, but it is a cheap preview of the future. The egg industry should be terrified of this as it comes down in price.

FishySmith37 says:

The follow your heart package says Best by Dec 13 16

StringStorm ‌ says:

You have done more to convince me to try a vegan diet than a great majority of vegans! 😀

But unfortunately, a vegan diet is unattainable here. I would like to try those eggs! :C

darthmarth333 says:

You would think a chef would have some descent cookware. Unless you’re not a real chef.

Gothtecdotcom says:

Vegan butter, lol, we used to call it margarine… Well there were shortages during the War.

caroona123 says:

From an environmental point of view the powder seems to make more sense to me because you don't need to buy a bulky bottle containing water. I actually like the grungy look of your pan, it adds to the overall atmosphere 😉

thevegantrucker says:

Love just egg

anjuhluh says:

I seen another YouTuber use one of those silicone molds for eggs so he could make breakfast sandwiches and it worked really well with the Just Egg. It should work with the FYH egg as well.

Susan Hoppe says:

Thanks so much! This is great. I used to get that a McD yeah. I do have FYH in my home right now, but need to pick up some muffins.

Danielle Rae says:

I wonder if you can use it for coating and roll in breadcrumbs to fry. I love fried cashew-cheese sticks lol. New Subscriber.

Smaugish Vlog says:

Best way to make the FYH Vegan Egg is to add salt, a little garlic powder and nutritional yeast when mixing (I also mix it in my bullet blender thingy!). You can also add black salt to make it taste eggy!

Mike Lightyear says:

Love your new style of videos where you just cook and chat. Keep it up man.

The Thorn Rose Witch- Kindra Ravenmoon says:

Thanks for this,I've always been skeptical of vegan eggs and never dared to try it but after viewing this will definitely give it a try (:

Dario HxC says:

Get rid of that pan, satan would change it for a non sticking one…

DSBM blade says:

love your videos, so glad you started filming again ♥

Xubuntu47 says:

Welcome back!

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