Vegan Avocado Ice Cream Looks Like The Real Thing

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Snowflake in Selfridges, London, serves an avocado gelato that comes in a real avocado shell. Called Avolato, the treat is completely vegan. The dessert is made with fresh avocado, grape sugar, and lemon juice. It’s also served in a bamboo boat with a bamboo spoon and costs $13 (£9.50).

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Produced by: Claudia Romeo


Fatin Adlina says:

That owner looks like in gold ice cream video…

Olivia A says:

Dang whys everybody gotta be so toxic

Vick Eugenia says:

Lol saw the title and deadass thought “wait wasn’t avocado already vegan?”

/FatHobo says:

She could make the seed darker shade

Nur Alisya Nizarrozani says:

"This avocado is not what it seems"
Yeah no shit Sherlock

Miguel Manalang Vlog says:

It's delicious and yummy

BlackAngel_ZombieBoy says:

Comment section:

25% Seed, NOT STONE!
11% I can tell the difference…
23% Looks good.
12% other

LayLay Waffles says:

How do you turn an Avocado into a Vegan treat?

It’s already vegan?-

Griffin3Coker says:

1:28 did you just call the pit/seed a stone???

Hitler’s Cat says:


Y’all vegans ruining ice cream now…

Kasey Kat says:

Look what they did to Rantaro

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