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So we recently had the most amazing vegan mac and cheese while in Manchester and it inspired me to make the ultimate recipe. We used a lot of common ingredients but really went all out on them like roasting our garlic and onion rather than using the powders and adding some amazing oyster mushrooms! Let us know if you try it!

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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rosie zero says:

Just made this for my meat eating house mates and we all loved it, so full of flavour and also v simple to make (despite it looking quite long in the video), will defo make regularly

Courtney Harmon says:

This looks so good! What made it so creamy? Was it the milk or the sunflower seed oil?

Charlotte Tobitt says:

I made this, it requires a bit of time/effort but is soo delicious! Very pleased.

evelyn baron says:

One of your biggest fans, but I still struggle with replicating those comfort foods; you guys have been vegan so long it's not a biggie and for people transitioning to a vegan way of eating it may well be a great idea. I'm in the middle (Jacob Dylan, has to be something better than in the middle:)) Why do I want to eat something that reminds me of something I don't want to eat? It's sort of existential. I've been vegan for sometime now, perhaps not long enough, but I don't get it. Your recipe is awesome but it makes me remember the deluxe aged white cheddar etc. I'm sure I am annoying but this is the internet and I'm probably not a voice in the wilderness (that just felt like an oxymoron)….. Jaimie Oliver who will never be vegan but has transitioned closer to it over time and has huge credibility because of the risks he personally took to get all of us to eat in a more healthy way because of our children … has lots of people who criticise him virulently but he has effected real change in the diet of school children in England and the US and empowered young people at loose ends in their life to find focus … yes I want to save the planet, which could be a lost cause, or not, but … why mac and cheese?:)

Kittycatslife 94 says:


carol29carnegie says:

Hi boys any chance you could do some meals for one ☝️ would be great 👍 if you would XX carol

Lucia Fiegel says:

Thanks for the great recipe! It was delicious! 🤤🌱

80 Slim Shady's says:

Enough oil to cause atherosclerosis…next

Whole Foodie Beauty says:

Wow that sauce would be good over cauliflower! Like a cauliflower gratin 😍🤤

Suraj Poudel says:

Vegan dishes are gaining mainstream acceptance.

Natt 774 says:

This is one of my favorite recipes! No cashews! (I don't have not enough $$$). This spice gives it extra flavor as well. I froze most of it in muffin tins and they are great for an appetizer/snack.

nakea simone says:

I’ve been making my mac & cheese like this ( minus the oil) for two years it’s definitely my go to recipe and the best I’ve tried

Rocio TM says:

I hate that they don’t put the recipe

Madeline Waugh says:

I made this for dinner tonight, it was great!My non-vegan boyfriend went back for seconds 🙂

Sophia Reinheimer says:

the talking with your mouthful the whole video..

Juliya Kay says:

I just tried this (without the chili pepper because I didn't have one), but this turned out alright. I only added 50mL of sunflower oil and I thought even that was too much. In my opinion, I think the oil gives the sauce a weird, bitter aftertaste. I would say not to add any oil and just stick to plant milk.

Holly Flynn says:

All this whinging about the oil, if ye don't want to cook with oil then don't. Nobody is forcing ye for jaysus sake

Yukiko Sutton says:

I just made this epic Mac and Cheese. It is soooo yummy! Thank you for such an incredible recipe. Keep doing what you are doing. You are awesome!! Love

eunice raquel reis says:

uau… I have no words, I want to eat something like that…

Matthew Thompson says:

I put frozen peas in mine. Adds a little sweetness and nutrition.

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