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I have been seeing a LOT of great Ramen recipes lately, and EATIG A LOT of REALLY great Vegan Ramens!! Now one thing about vegan ramen is that it is different than an authentic meat based ramen. It’s a different feeling all together, so today we are going to change the way you make your plant based RAMEN!! – JOIN the SauceSquad – to print recipes and merchandise!!!
Music by Joakim Karud

The goal of SauceStache is to continue trying something new, something new to me and something different.
I find inspirations from you the SauceSquad and my constant hunt of social media to see what food is being made around the globe and how can I try to make it. Lets try to make some food and have fun!!


Janine Iannelli Author says:

I need to make this ASAP! Is there a print out of the recipe?

Tun Mifzal says:

What if u blend a vegan meat into the broth? Would that give u some meat flavor?

Tun Mifzal says:

If animals shouldn’t be killed for meat, then why can plants be plucked for vegetables?
I mean, technically they are alive too
Sorry just asking cuz I don’t get vegans

TheKristina 1106 says:

👏😋 You're brilliant & fun

GamblingTime says:

Made the whole thing today and it was excellent! Only thing I'd say is the broth needed salt. I ended up adding maggi seasoning and a lot of course salt. Otherwise, best veg ramen I've had ever. Excellent mouth feel and definitely gonna try adding agar agar to other stuff.

N.B. Kristjansson says:

I would try it if (1) someone else made it for me, and (2) it wasn't made with that vegan "ham". I don't like ham or anything that tastes like ham. Maybe put in some vegan "beef".

Muktiism says:

Love your emotional outbreaks and Implosions. wow <3

Jonathan Schoenfeld says:

Try using soy beans, it makes it rich and creamy

Fernando Machine says:

Horrible horrible! You suck this recipe is a horrible disaster

Fernando Machine says:

You call that Chashu????? Looks like and old ass piece of disgusting bologna….. just stop you are so gross

Fernando Machine says:


Fernando Machine says:


Fernando Machine says:

I want to throw up this is disgusting…. stop cooking right now and save us all a favor. What is wrong with you … you know NOTHING about ramen. Really coconut oil???! Your such a bad cook I can’t believe you are teaching people this gross disgusting food .. worst ramen I have EVER seen! Why do you have to use agar agar for ramen???!!!! You have no real knowledge of ramen … how could you do this ???

Gladice Garcia says:

Great idea on the agar agar to make the broth thick! 🙂

THE Mithrandir09 says:

Actually halving or quartering carrots length wise makes a huge difference. Plants(roots) use/need sugars to live/grow. These are more concentrated in the core of the root(carrot), so if you quarter it length wise to expose much more surface area of the carrots core, the carrot will give off much more flavour to the broth.

Danger Mouse says:

Can't wait to jam this in the kitchen. My wife & kids will be so Happy. Thank❤You

jrmop 09 says:

I don't know about the vegan pork I'd rather just have mushrooms but the broth looks good

Tonja says:

Not gonna lie…..I will probably never make this, but I want to eat it soooo bad.

Josep aldosa says:

Wtf is all that kombu?? U are gona make.someone rip due iodine overload

Sander Houttekier says:

are you sure those are shiitake mushrooms? look like regular brown chesnut shrooms

kotenshu says:

Suggestion: Roast the veges before boiling. Its the vege broth hack of the century!

Sir Aberardus says:

Looks pretty good, not going to stop eating meat though. Meat has B12 and we need B12 so meat is obviously healthy.

Melissa Munoz says:

Struggling to find the link to where I can get some of these ingredients! I really want to try this

Jonathan Cummins says:

Terrible advice, DO NOT wash the white of the kombu and DO NOT boil it!

FlipFlop Crusader says:

6 hours for ….One 10 min video and one great looking bowl of Ramen

Michelle Jordan says:

I don't know if I'm patient enough to make this. Those smells would have me eating the ramen after an hour 😭

Jean K Meow says:

Agar-agar means jelly in Malay language. Basically it’s jello powder… I like your accent though 🙂

Conexão Vegana Internacional says:

You’re incredible! Thanks for this!!

Lara v says:


Andreas Gunnar says:

The pork substitute looks kinda sponge like , rest looks good

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