THE MOST DELICIOUS VEGAN FOOD?! | Vegan Chick'n Fried Mushrooms??!!

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Vegan Fried Chick’n Mushrooms
2 Portabella mushrooms
Vegetable oil
Earth Island Vegg (vegan egg) (alternative below)
Non-dairy milk
Celtic sea salt (my personal fav, any salt will work)
Garlic powder (try organic!)
Bread crumbs (I used “panko” bread crumbs)

slice portabella mushrooms into desired shapes (e.g. slices) and coat with flour by shaking them in a ziplock bag and set aside
Mix Vegg with non dairy milk until smooth and dip floured mushrooms in the mixture and set aside
In the meantime, heat a pan with vegetable oil (use a wooden spoon to check the temperature – method shown in video)
Pour breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and garlic powder into a clean ziplock and shake to mix
add 3-4 battered mushrooms to the breadcrumbs
Place breaded mushrooms into fryer and let sit until golden brown, turning them over once before removing from the oil

Vegan “egg” batter alternative:
3/4 cup non dairy milk
3/4 cup all purpose flour
1/2 tsp cornstarch
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp hot sauce (optional and delicious)

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tommy says:

Mom does this, the first time she made them, my baby brother told her that the chicken tastes so good and was so shook to find out it's actually mushroom lol

Chastity Creamer says:

Thanks Alexandra. Those were delicious. That was, like, the best thing I've ever eaten. Dipable is a cool word. It should be added to the dictionary.

What About Nepal says:

I live in Nepal and can't get a lot of vegan ingredients. I almost always eat veg, however, I do use meat byproducts like eggs. Why? Because if it isn't for using these the chicken wouldn't exist. Our chickens are mostly free-range here; sometimes cars have to brake for chickens or ducks. I love living in such a kind society. I'm going to have my cook make this for me. This looks really good. Thanks…

Chastity Creamer says:

Did it. Delicious. Thanks Alexandra!

Mary Cornell says:

Looks delicious 🤤🤤

RainaR says:

Does anyone know what temperature the oil should be?

KKim Breaty says:

I just made them and they are honestly so good even though I dont like mushroom. Definitely gonna make them more often

Miss Amber Tips says:

Exactly , being vegan is the right thing to do . Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Faatima Hayat says:

omg ur so sweet OOF

Marivel Morales says:

Omg 8:58 I thought your hair was going to catch fire! These sounded very crunchy! Lol definitely going to try this

A says:

It’s so Interesting how views change like I watched this then watched your “we need to talk about vegan” and it’s really visual how you’ve grown love you ❤️

Ana A. says:

I am not vegan, but I tried this today and it was PERFECT! I am very grateful for this recipe!!!

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