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WOW! These are incredible. I even surprised myself with this one! I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks so much for clicking on my video.

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***Check back for recipe

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– Derek Simnett, Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP)

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Marco Raton says:

awesome mate…

Ingrid Ca says:

Nice! Thank you. Would be easier if you put the recipe in the video. Make it a little bit easier for 100 000 viewers 😉 Cant wait to try it 🙂

Maribel Rosales says:

I new to your Chanel I love it

Maribel Rosales says:

I will cook those tacos tomorrow!! Wow they look so good!

Austin TxGalFromCali says:

Hi – Above it states "RECIPE:
***Check back for recipe".?? I know you are selling an eBook but can the recipe be posted please? Thank you. Great video.

Randall Sunderland says:

Warning if you have celiac disease make sure you buy only origional tempeh. All other tempeh contains gluten containing grains.

Cheyenne Hunter says:

Beautiful I can't wait to try making them.

Renae Rowena says:

Great video , looks delicious 😋.. I will be trying this 👍🏽

Holistic-Healing UK says:

I've actually never seen tempeh before and I have to say it looks absolutely revolting, lol.

Lois Young says:

This looks really yummy . You chop vegetables so well !!

Shaun Michaels says:

I so love this, thank you for sharing this. I have been eating Tempe for a little while now going on around eight months being vegan. And I always slice it up and small little pieces and I use it as an Asian dish with some teriyaki sauce something like that, or I use it for like a Mediterranean dishes well But never thought of crumbling it up to use it like ground meat for tacos 🙂 but my question is what is your opinion on vegan cheeses. Because I love your Channel and such a huge fan of you, because I looked up to you and how you eat and how awesome you workout everyday, and I know that you eat super clean and that's how I've been trying to eat like you. But I do occasionally always try to get a vegan cheeses to add into things. And I still feel in my heart that even those still aren't very healthy for me. So I'm just wondering what's your opinion is on vegan cheeses. And every once in awhile do you ever have vegan cheese into something. But yes I do make like a cheese healthy sauce with cashews and cauliflower for macaroni and cheese it is so delicious. But sometimes I'll still even put a little bit of vegan cheese in there to melt two.

Israel Alvarado says:

Why doesn’t he used oil ???

David Cowan says:

Writing down it all down. I'm going to the shop now! Thanks Derek!!

tuloski says:

How many grams of protein per body kilo do you reccommend? I'm trying 1g/Kg but it's not easy as vegetarian.

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