The BEST Roasted Veggie Quinoa Bowl Recipe!!

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Start this New Year with this AMAZING & EASY roasted veggie quinoa bowl! QuestLove’s Mixtape Potluck Cookbook features this recipe by Kimbal Musk.I added my Fly Twist of course with (optional )shrimp but it’s DELICIOUS even without it! Fly Recipes Ebook

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iQueen Kie says:

Happy new year my Velvet 😉

Scott Trujillo says:

This looks delicious. I eat veggies with protein every day and I love how you made it with shrimp. I love eating tilapia with asparagus and raspberries too. I'm definitely going to try this out. Good work 👍

feed meimei says:

Ooo yes love that you added your fly touch with the shrimp! I'd definitely want my bowl with that hehe. It looks so yummy & healthy!

R.M. Michaële Antoine says:

Ooh, this looks yummy. Thank you for another fly recipe!

Diana Khader says:

I found your channel looking for Quinoa recipes…so happy I found you! Can't wait to try this recipe! Yummy! Thank you…from a New Subscriber! 🙂

Sisters4life 222 says:


Will Aybar says:

So delicious 🤤 and healthy 😍 love it with the shrimp 🍤

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