This is my favorite Japanese dish, and I want to teach you it. This is the Osaka style where it is more of a pancake/omelette by making it fluffy at the beginning, and then pressing [More]
Eating at a Japanese Izakaya aka Japanese-style pub/bar called “Aju” in Osaka! They have lots of vegan Japanese food such as vegan yakitori, vegan okonomiyaki, vegan katsu and more! #VeganInJapan #VeganJapaneseFood #VeganIzakaya #VeganOsaka _________________________________________ FOLLOW [More]
Japan Continued! I finally got to visit this beautiful country, and traveled through the cities of Kyoto and Osaka! Of course, I had to see what vegan eats I can find there, are you ready [More]
[ENG/CHI Subtitles Available] So blessed to be eating at my favorite vegan restaurant in Osaka! #Osaka #Vegan #Japan SUBSCRIBE ► | ★ PREVIOUS VLOG ► ❥ follow me ( ◘ shot on Canon [More]
Join my friend, Courtney and I on our way to eat some classic Japanese food- vegan version! I love that this place can cater to omnis, muslims, vegans and oriental vegetarians. Join me in my [More]
Wow I never thought I would see the day – A VEGAN OKONOMIYAKI! I seriously didn’t even think it was possible!?? I thought it was like, necessary to have egg in it but NOPE! My [More]
Although this restaurant serves mostly vegan dishes, I noticed some drinks contain honey… so, be careful!! It’s not 100% vegan. We loved their okonomiyaki, pizza and dessert. The restaurant inside is small, but the prices [More]
Review of Vegan and Vegan-friendly Places in Osaka – Japan The restaurants and cafes mentioned in the video are listed below. Shinsaibashi and Honmachi area: 1) Organic & Vegetarian Cafe ATL: 2) Paprika Shokudo [More]