We spent a whole day searching out some of Tokyo, Japan’s most delicious vegan desserts! Tokyo is famous for sweets and pastries of all kinds, and being vegan is no reason to miss out! Come [More]
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Vegan Japanese Okonomiyaki with #GLORIA Buy GLORIA here: https://www.vegangastronomy.com/gloria/
Japan Continued! I finally got to visit this beautiful country, and traveled through the cities of Kyoto and Osaka! Of course, I had to see what vegan eats I can find there, are you ready [More]
Take these vegan Japanese souvenirs back home with you for your family, friends and YOURSELF! Snacks, ramen, chips… a lot of these can be bought at Japanese convenience stores! _________________________________________ FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! https://www.instagram.com/createwithcarmina [More]
Q: What food is NEXT on Eric Meal Time? Vote using (i) icon top right on video screen. Thanks! Truth be told, I’m about 90% vegan & I don’t like Frankenstein foods. A much better [More]
Although this restaurant serves mostly vegan dishes, I noticed some drinks contain honey… so, be careful!! It’s not 100% vegan. We loved their okonomiyaki, pizza and dessert. The restaurant inside is small, but the prices [More]
Review of Vegan and Vegan-friendly Places in Osaka – Japan The restaurants and cafes mentioned in the video are listed below. Shinsaibashi and Honmachi area: 1) Organic & Vegetarian Cafe ATL: https://www.facebook.com/CafeAtl/ 2) Paprika Shokudo [More]