Tacos de "Carnitas" Tacos (Jackfruit Tacos) – Authentically Mexican | Deliciously Vegetarian

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Please watch: “Enchiladas Placera’s – Authentically Mexican | Deliciously Vegetarian”
→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWJXu2A1V_o

In this episode Adriana Guillen will teach you how to make Tacos de “Carnitas.” Authentically Mexican | Deliciously Vegetarian is a monthly cooking show that focuses on Mexican Vegetarian food.

For a full written recipe of this video visit http://adrianaguillen.com/tacos-de-carnitas


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Production Team:
Adriana Guillen – Chef, Executive Producer, Writer

Adrian Davila – Co – Producer, Director of Photography, Creative Director, Camera Operator, Post Production Audio Engineer, Animator, Editor

Juan Carlos Rodriguez – Director and Lighting

Geneva White – Set Director

Kermit Mercado – Secondary Camera Operator

Robert Fergonise – Production Audio Engineer

Daniel Saldarriaga – Location Manager

Music By :
Mattison – Predictions ( StewRat ) Remix
Snakadaktal – Ghost ( Cosmos Midnight ) Remix
Bonobo – Sleepy Seven

Production Provided by DiamondPavedFaith


Honey 4 says:

Thank you 💐 new subscriber🔔

Gilbert Alvarez says:

Hola Adriana se puede hacker con la fruta Madura

Oanh H Nguyen says:

Anyone know where she went? I miss her videos. 😭😭

Jason Jackson says:

Your website expired 😢

lavkmr1 says:

Beautiful food ,beautiful chef

Ray Moreno says:

No se puede sustituir

Ray Moreno says:

Mami, todo bien pero tu tecnicas y tu resetas no pueden comida mexicana. Simplemente no puedes emitir la carne para hacer carnitas period. Ok. La comida mexicana es mas Rica de lo q tu puedes imaginar.

diana povero says:

Do you have a substitute for nutritional yeast- I am allergic and can't eat this.

Vanessa Aguirre says:

Your video is amazing! Can’t wait to try this recipe

Concerned Netizen says:

Really well done. Charming, too!

mariisol179 says:

I made this today and I loved it ! shared it with family who are not vegetarians and they loved it so much I had to make more. Thanks for the recipe ! 🙂

Ricardo Cedillo Jr says:

I love everything about this. Down to the knife you’re using and music choice. You truly are a goddess. I’m distracted about how beautiful you are.

Social Network Studio says:

Pensé que no hablabas español 🤪

PoKoJoE says:

Amiga… Tienes un canal en español? Otra cosa… Eres soltera? Estas muy bonita! 😅😊

Joy Herring says:

Making these for dinner tonight! Such a great idea!!!!!

che says:

I like tacos and tortilla

brink of eden says:

You're so professional in your art, I love it!

EmileeArsenic says:

Whoa! I love your tortilla press thing! I'll have to find one. Do you have any idea where to get one maybe online? I live in the US (California).

A. R. says:

Hi Adriana I've been seeing the jackfruit in a lot of vegan recipes….does the can option still have the pungent odor?

More Mula says:

Tengo que coser la jaca o así la echo cruda?

MB says:

Adriana thank you so much for your recipes, I travel often to Brazil and had these there and at first thought it was meat it really tricks your senses. Have you tried Baru nuts? I discovered them down there found them in the States and I am addicted, I highly recommend them to anybody in particular vegetarians due to the extremely high nutritional content and they taste amazing. Hint try making Mole paste with them will blow you away, best

KillerSalmon says:

Where'd you get the tortilla press?

Patty Mitchell says:

I just watched this and I am making this.. I am so tired of eating soy products so to have something this healthy and fruit based I am so excited to try.

alwaysbeachbound says:

Oh no 🙁 your webpage for the written recipe is not working,…can you post that here? please 🙂

Laura Perez says:

Hi Adriana. I made this for my coworkers and they loved it so much! Thanks for your recipe!

Jacky Jack says:

I bought some fresh jackfruit. It's not sweet. Can I use the hairs to make the fake meat? I ate the pod/flower looking parts already.

Eliza Reyes says:

Loved the song, who is playing?

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