SweetieSnacker goes vegan for a meal, eating the most amazing vegan nachos ever mukbang

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When Your says:

You people in the comments nitpicking everything she says are disgusting. Now I understand why she disabled her comments before. If you dislike her that much then stop watching her. Get a life.

Makayla Edwards says:

I haven’t heard you use ‘stunning’ to describe food in a long time. ✨ happy to see you eating a vegan meal… it’s truly enjoyable to watch.

Amber S says:

You are so pretty!

kakafan77 says:

Here for the eating sounds!

And to say that vegan food isn't necessarily "healthy" and low calorie

Brandy Wine * says:

Pretty sure they can find all they need from your ss number. Not sure about all this lil stuff your talking about.

Dolores Pulido says:

"I love vegan food"

"This is actually the first vegan restaurant I've bee to…"


L Y says:

She is probably getting a job at a marijuana dispensary

Trisha lovesall says:

This person is narcissistic and doesn’t care about her viewers

s s says:

Maybe they think your undocumented???? Lol

MsFantasEYES says:

Lmao I was cracking up at the beginning ending up in Starbucks and your reaction

Anjelica Gonzalez says:

Pleaseee next time tell us what is in the nachos. Those look sooooooooooooooo gooooood.

Sarah Skinner says:

WOW. You get a lot of hate…BUT, they sure,do,watch!!!!

d. t says:

Technically it took 3 days or less for a cleared background check

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