Spaghetti alla Carbonara

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Sandra Carli says:

I've sauteed one garlic clove together with the courgettes and have added 2 TBS of my cashew parmesan at the end. It was really good. Thanks for sharing!

Mariana Jerez Emma says:

I love you!!

Lovisa Maanmies says:

Sorry if its very random, I just think you have beautiful hands.

Bobglob says:

This looks so good! Miss you guys.

Sapphireblue777 says:

Yum, so amazing

The Endless Blue says:

just made this. wow. never thought i would be able to make something this good. thank you.

rose anderson says:

What type of miso paste do you use.? Barley,sweet,Azuki bean, or Hearty brown rice miso ? There are so many types and I have never tried any of them…. I really want to try this recipe but I dont want to mess it up ….thanks for sharing !

ena dm says:

I made this and its delicious!!!!

Dave Ra says:

can you tell us how do you put it on the serving dish? it has a nice shape.

Love your channel! keep up with the oil free stuffs.

Chef Jana says:

What a wonderful sauce!! Sooo love carrots in creamy sauce!!

Joanne Nugent says:

This looks delicious. Just thought as a suggestion,I suppose if you wanted something that has the bacon/pancetta taste,you could put in some tempeh that has been marinated and fried.

Burcey B says:

how does your nonna feel about you being vegan?

lauzn says:

can anyone tell me if i can replace the miso paste with something else? that would be soo nice 🙂

Michael Lebrun says:

Thanks Raoul. Have you thought about using egg replace (flax and water) along black salt to give it the eggy texture and taste? Did you omit that on purpose? I'd like to hear your thoughts on that.

Vegan Cafe says:

I made this tonight and it is absolutely delicious! I don't use non stick pans so I had to cheat and use some oil and vegan butter. It's really, really good!

Ma Rie says:

I've been looking for a vegan version of carbonara for a while now, and of course the best plan was to check how an Italian would do it 😛

Keesha Tan says:

How did you plate pasta so beautifully in the intro where u zoomed out on the dish? It makes the pasta look even better 😍

Anthony Spino says:

Looks fantastic, my wife is going to love this! Thanks

Nataymenta says:

This recipe is TOP. So cool, good taste, the texture was awesome. Definitely recommend it! ☺️☺️👏

indre _ says:

I think I have some italian genes bc I'm crazy for pasta!

Gravi Yu says:

Are there any substitutes for carrots? Or can i leave them out? I'm allergic
And what kind of miso paste do you use?

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