See How Vegan Ice Cream is Made!

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Today’s video takes you behind the scenes at Mr. Dewie’s cashew-based ice cream making facility to show you show vegan ice cream is made.

Mr. Dewie’s Nut Based Frozen Dessert website:

Video made by Michelle Taylor Cehn:
Find more of Michelle’s bite-sized vegan videos here:

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volker allert says:

click bait.

Cheese Square says:

Fuck vegans I eat regular ice cream bc I dont have autism or lactoseism

Kitt Miller says:

I wish it was nut free

Thebuggy_YT says:

Come to Australia please!

tina kapoor says:

Stop wasting nuts making ice cream .all that cashews are needed by squriells .

nia zach says:

I’m sad because I live in Canada 😟😔

cakecrumb095 says:

How come this brand was never sold anywhere?

Salina says:

Does it melt?

T. B. says:

Yes, Texas…

Tina Diggs says:

Come to Los Angeles! Thanks!

Racquel Watson says:

I would so love this in the don't have alot of vegan creamy rich ice cream like this here.

Sophie Taylor says:

I wanna try this ice cream now I’m dairy free, gluten free, egg free, and yeast free

Isiasdfghjkl says:

Come to Chile!!

Le Lien says:

Oooh looks yummmyyyyy

Alli C says:

this is more like a "how we pack it" video more than how we make it.

Joannot says:

I don't laugh at cheesy jokes, I'm lactose intolerant.

Nekoda Simwami says:

Great… but what is in the ice cream? Just cashew nuts?

Elisa FSilveira says:

It is so simple! I think I'm going to start my own vegan ice cream company here in Brazil, oh boy, they are super hard to find in my city!

janda0608 says:

Neither of you are lactose intolerant, you're just not a baby cow!

daksmom1999 says:

The title of the video is VERY misleading. But, PEOPLE, you can make your own ice cream!!!!!!! A lot of you are asking for this ice cream to come to your state, or your country. There are other YouTube videos that show how to make all sorts of vegan ice creams. Follow the basic directions on how to make the ice cream, then flavor it how you want. And, if you don't have an ice cream maker, put the finished ice cream in a freezable container, stir the mixture about every 20-30 minutes, and when it gets to the texture where you want to eat it………EAT IT!!!!!! I don't particularly like paying $5 for a pint of vegan ice cream, and I definitely wouldn't pay $10. MAKE YOUR OWN!!!!

Sam Maniscalco says:

gluten, dairy and soy? geeze

LaDolcevita says:

Never heard of Mr. Dewies, I will need to try this!

Paola Morales says:

Send those ice creams to Mexico please hahah

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