Roaches found everywhere inside Pancho's Vegan Tacos says Dirty Dining

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Dirty dining shines a light on Pancho’s Vegan Tacos, Sushi Loca, and La Bonita supermarket.


Julia Walkers says:

0:42 Omg bitch so annoying, Donโ€™t open a restaurant then if you canโ€™t handle it being busy or people watching you cook

Michael Jay says:

Checkout downtown Vegas golden gate

Joyce Shiver says:

Makes sense a roach would be vegan. ๐Ÿคฃ

cupcake1556 says:

Panchos thank you for caring for the little baby cockroaches

cupcake1556 says:

I would deport the manager back to Wuhan China

Andres Tapia says:

Noe excuses. U r dirty

Andrew McIntosh says:

Does Dan Rodimer own Panchos Vegetarian tacos?

AOYT says:

Wow, you would think that a vegan spot will be clean and not attract roaches.

Giovanni Bivona says:

We got some bad roaches.

Cockroach 1: Hey man, you're on our turf, man."

Cockroach 2: "I cut you; I cut you so bad, you wish I no cut you so bad."

I blame the schools.

GSR 01 says:

Youd have to be loca to eat at taco loca

c perterpan says:

I know eating out is nasty. Why don't hire someone just to clean.

mee mee the cat says:


ELECTRIC 9 says:

Fkkn excuses!๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜’!

ELECTRIC 9 says:

Damn taco roasted roaches! Filthy fkkrs!๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜’โ˜ข!

Amber Lopez says:

When you eat out. Remember, most places have a Roachalicious flavor. Beware!

Evan Brad says:

So if it zaps the fly the fly is gonna fall into the food? Yea loooooooooooooool

The devil that the Bible speaks of White devil says:

Stop supporting Asians businesses these people are filthy

Santino - says:

Dead flies are tge secret ingredient.

Ricky Godette says:

Have they corrected the problem at Pachoโ€™s?

Joey the toner guy says:

liberals like eating roaches

david kelly says:

Phoenix Bar and Lounge place made everyone we know sick as a dog.. The young lady on the back patio who was so intoxicated it looked like she might go into the light Carol Ann at any minute.. Her eyes rolling around in her skull like a couple dice and then vomiting on everything and almost everyone in a one mile radius.. My advice keep that place in the review mirror at all times..

Larry Turner says:

it's stank at long horn restant

Autobot032 says:

Wait, the way the video started, it gives the impression that there's a cockroach season or something… Is that a thing???

Bite Me says:

Like I said never going to any Asian restaraunts again I think like 70 percent of the restaraunts on here are Asian ones

happymike44 says:

That's what makes those taco so good and extra crunchy.. Need to change their ad slogan to Munchy Munchy Good and Crunchy..

nodak01 says:

If there's cockroaches in a vegan taco, is it still considered a vegan taco?

Ejay Lozano says:

@Crazy Clown there was jerry's nuggets a while back.

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