redecorating the house for free, frugal grocery shopping, vegan enchiladas

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This has been a long but fun week started off with a weekend of garden renovation, home cleaning and decorating, and my last grocery shopping of the month within my new budget. We also made vegan enchiladas and celebrated Arjan’s first week at school.


pauline frost says:

We use those window kits with the light plastic. They do help .

Stine Hansen says:

Wow I love your garden! Can’t wait to have one myself some day. Right now my family lives in an apartment so I just have tomato plants and lettuce inside. Better than nothing.

Michele Simko says:

Thank you for reply. Church was Unitarian Universalist in Greenville no. By the way am a Buddhist. Love to meditate. And pray. Good vibes to you. Love the. U tube you present ty

Michele Simko says:

Greetings from Greenville no. Seems I remember you from church. Uu

Lady of Huntingdon says:

I’m in Australia, do you want a teammate over here to do this with you?

Deanna Piercy says:

I'm binge watching all your older videos. 😁 I don't think you are coocoo for moving things around all the time. When I was a kid I had my own, quite small bedroom and I rearranged the furniture all the time. I would disappear into my room, lock the door and spend hours moving things around. My parents never knew what it was going to look like on any given day.

I also rearranged furniture as an adult until we moved to our current home 21 years ago. With few exceptions it has remained pretty much the same in terms of furniture placement. It seems I have found the perfect arrangement for each room. I do change other things when the mood strikes but not furniture. I actually sort of miss it so I enjoy watching you move things around. And my back doesn't hurt – ha!

Ruth Lloyd says:

Did you have a bunch of trick or treat-ers?

Donna Allison says:

I loved this video.You covered so much.the boys are adorable

lynn says:

For holiday decorating as a young mom with little money I would go outside and find pine cones, tree branches and other plant material to make my decorations. I would glitter them and spray paint them. I would get so many
compliments on my table settings, wreaths etc… It was also a lot of fun as I am a creative person. Cheers to you this holiday season. New subscriber.

Aj says:

You have inspired me to enjoy my life and home arts again….and to not apologize for my unglamorous but deeply satisfying life♥️

Cathey Harris says:

Exactly, I'm on the journey with you, I'm just starting my pantry, so yes I have to buy but its for the journey, garden stuff, got a dehydrater at the thrift store, check out homestead tessie she has great ideas to on saving.

Renee McCrory says:

I wish my family would do it. I have 2 in college that I'm paying for and their expenses! My kids and hubby are not 'into frugality' like I am. I actually find it 'fun' to be frugal, they do not.

chistina says:


Evette Vasquez says:

You always have great ideas. Thanks.👋☕🍵

Esther Collins says:

Love seeing your interest in the home and all things domestic. It's inspiring to see a younger generation. Are you using a pressure canner? It is amazing, it will open another world to building your pantry. I think you will like it. Enjoy your videos.

Morjana says:

Thank you again for another wonderful video. I was raised by a grandmother who lived during Depression so I know alot of stuff but have let the things pass just like you said. I started reading about minimalism and zero waste and I honestly have stressed myself out more because I am not minimal enough or I can't find things in my area to go zero waste as possible. Your Vlogs are so refreshing and down to earth with sharing your trials and errors and it helps me realize hey I am human and its all about waht is best for me and my family. I am going to be trying some of you no-spend suggestions. Thank you again. P.S. would love to hear more about your writing journey

Blessed In Bowie says:

Wait–where's the homemade cream cheese you were going to make? I NEED A RECIPE!!!!

Blessed In Bowie says:

Quick tip–you can buy the big tubs of Greek yogurt and use that instead of sour cream. A bit healthier, and you save money by not buying both. You probably know this already, huh?

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