Raw Vegan Tacos from RVNG Cookbook!

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I did a fun little collab with Assembly Line to show you EXACTLY how to make the Mango & Coconut Jicama Tacos from my new cookbook!

Go follow them on IG for a chance to win a signed cookbook! http://bit.ly/LauraGotBook
or pick up your very own copy here 🙂 http://amzn.to/29zjDba

Also I’m in allllll these places:
INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/imlauramiller
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TWITTER – https://twitter.com/imLauraMiller
SNAPCHAT – lauramillerRVNG

Want More Recipes on the Assembly Line?
Creator and Director – Eric Slatkin
Culinary Producer – Sonya Masinovsky
Recipe by Laura Miller – https://imlauramiller.com/


Hans Christian Rodríguez says:

The BEST vegan Youtube channel EVER. Kind, nice and real with no gross. Please come back Laura ; (

Flik says:

Know what would be very awkward to post here?

Laura I love you, I want to marry you, I love looking at you, listening to you, love the food you make and your sense of humour. You make me happy.

Good thing I'm not doing that.

Hans Christian Rodríguez says:

I love Laura. I cannot love those videos more than I do. Great idea, great recipe, awesome filming and editing and nice music. The best cooking videos on Youtube!

Alexandra Sue says:

Really miss your raw vegan not gross videos. Hope that you are thinking about making new videos.

Tanya Teloni says:

Hello everybody! It's not possible to find jicamas in the country I live. I haven't even seen them in my life. How can I substitute this ingredient in a recipe? By the way, I love the book. But jicama…..???????????

Jackson Catlett says:

I feel like this is the final goodbye to RVNG

Simon Gonzalez says:

have you written the whole book with the left-hand??? Wooow

traveldiaries says:

Laura's a leftie!

Lucy Stephenson says:

The way this was shot was so awesome!!

Arrisa Beltran says:

I was just reading that recipe! Like 2 seconds ago, and then asked myself "where did Laura Miller go?" I love your cookbook!!!!

Kathy Nguyen says:

My bestfriend bought me your cookbook as a present! The enchiladas look amazing!

Vegan Squared says:

Cool video but I like your personality in the videos!!!

Lundy Anne says:

I'm loving the cookbook lady!!!!

Matthew G says:

Laura! Where are you! 🙁

Gorana Trbić says:

this is soooo lazy

sorry4profpicluana says:


Kelsey Munoz says:

Just bought your cookbook and I cannot wait till it arrives!!!

Ahlam Alm says:

I found like these glasses at lakeland 😮 !!!

Michael W says:

Hey, I love black licorice.  What do you got for me?

Elena Carin says:

Just bought your book yesterday! I'm so excited!

XO says:

dat cinematography

Emma Eire says:

i like the videos with u in them better ! x 🙂

Phil Cain says:

This one didn't have enough Laura.  I had to go back and look at a couple of older videos to get the full effect.  Come back Laura!  Full come back, front and center.

Ruben 2087 says:

I really like the music in the video any links or who it is ?

Kat Valcheva says:

LOVE how its shot! great video as always x

nematoad says:

Buy my book bitches! I just imagined her saying that I'm a silly friendly voice when she stuck her head out. not that she's ever even said the word bitches 😛 Also I just got it for my birthday. Yay best present!

Buddagal Rimpche says:

Omg! Finally!!! I miss your videos:) <3

P. D says:

pls more videos!
you are AMAZING!

naomi rse says:

How often is a dehydrator used in the cookbook? I'm wanting to eat more raw but can't justify buying a dehydrator!! Thanks✌🏼️

Christie M says:

I'm not really sure what jicama tastes like, is this supposed to be a sweet or savory dish?

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